Backwards Compatibility

Rachel and I, although we’ve branched out a bit, are mainly Nintendo girls. I grew up with the SNES, after having watched our older sister dabble on the NES, and Rachel came along to join me with the Nintendo 64. Those old consoles and cartridges lasted years (and may still be kicking — Rachel, we should test them!), and when the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U came out… Well, we stuck by them. One of the best points was the backwards compatibility for the games between console generations. We didn’t have to abandon or rewire the old consoles in favor of new games.

(We tried testing the old games the other night, but we were too lazy to set it all up, remember?) Anyway, Nintendo is great like that. This is definitely a reason we’ve stuck by them and their consoles for so long. Our Xbox 360 crapped out on us a few weeks ago and we’ve been hesitant on getting a new one. One, because the Xbox One S is a thing. Two, because not all the games are backwards compatible. It’s disappointing.

I was extremely disappointed that there was no backwards compatibility for the Xbox systems. Naively, I thought that was a pretty standard feature of most consoles. Imagine my surprise when I learned that not only were the games not backwards compatible automatically, but they were only slowly incorporating the feature for select games. Now there’s a rumor that the NX may be a single-screen console/handheld, which means that it most likely won’t have backwards compatibility for Wii U games, which use two screens.

It’s just not something you really think about. You assume because the technology is higher it can do just about anything. But it can’t. So we have all these Xbox 360 games sitting on our shelves and we may never be able to play them again. Or, we’d at least have to buy the game again, just for an updated console. As for the NX, that would suck. Although our Wii U is pretty good so I don’t think it would be that big of a deal for us.

It’s such a waste with the games. We’re attempting to branch out with our gaming, but the console companies are making it a bit difficult. Perhaps if we are able to splurge down the line, we can get a nice used Xbox 360 for those games, but otherwise we’re probably going to see how the next generation, Scorpio, will be. We have had good luck with the Wii U, and the previous Nintendo generations, so I’m thankful for that.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
At this point in time, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the new consoles bring as we can get our hands on them. Only then will we be able to judge them.

What do you think about backwards compatibility for games?


Character Spotlight: Agitha

Rachel Mii Double Jump

Time for another Character Spotlight!

I know I just used a character from Twilight Princess last month, but Twilight Princess is just too good of a game to let the other characters pass by.


Character Spotlight: Agitha Twilight Princess Double Jump

Agitha first appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was originally released in 2006 for the Nintendo Gamecube and Wii. Twilight Princess was recently re-released for the Wii U in HD in 2016.

Agitha calls herself the “Princess of bugs” even though she’s not an actual princess. However, collecting bugs is her hobby and… let’s be honest, the bugs are her friends.

When she meets Link, she asks him to help her find the Golden Bugs scattered through the game. In return, she pays him generously.

Agitha is adorable. Her personality is a bit strange, but she’s completely harmless. Her voice is of a young girl making you wonder just how young she actually is. Her design is also strange, but it’s unique and I find it just completes her and matches her personality.

Agitha later appears in Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. And might I add that she’s a wonderful addition. I don’t know why they chose her of all the other characters, but I have no complaints.

Do you think Agitha is a fun addition to the games?

Regency Gaming

Double Jump Kris MiiWhile doing a little research for this post, I realized that there is apparently a site dedicated to gambling games also called Regency Gaming. This post is not about that particular store. On that note, I hope everyone has a great start to their week!

Ever hear of Regency Gaming?

Rachel and I took a little weekend trip just to get away one last time for the summer with our parents, and part of where we went included some outlet stores. In this vast mall, Rachel and I wandered around, bought a couple of new puzzles to add to our collection (four new Thomas Kincade Disney-inspired puzzles and a map of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth), and came upon a gaming store called Regency Gaming.

I have never been socked with so much nostalgia in my life.

The store wasn’t brightly lit or anything — rather, it was decorated in grays and muted hues, showcasing the video game memorabilia that adorned their walls, shelves, and cases. There were a couple of times as I was gazing at the SNES consoles and the NES games for sale that I asked Rachel, “Are you old enough to remember these?”

Most of her responses were, “Barely.”

It was a nice walk down memory lane, and if I had the money, I may have bought a few things just for nostalgic’s sake.

Of course, the store had a few newer products as well, such as chargers, gaming headphones, games from the most recent consoles, but the history of gaming was the main point of the place, and it was glorious.

Flashback Friday: Star Fox Adventures

Double Jump Kris Mii Yay for the weekend!

I hope everyone’s week went well and that you have some fun things lined up for the weekend. Summer is quickly drawing to a close — you all ready for autumn?


Star Fox Adventures was a game released for the Nintendo GameCube in September of 2002 for North America. It was developed by Rare — it was actually the last Nintendo game developed by Rare, and that fact hurt the game’s praise from critics and fans alike.

Despite that, the game was generally well received, earning an average of 3.5 to 4 stars in most reviews. Most positive reviews praised the game for its beautiful graphics and game play. The game play was a double-edged knife when it game to reviews for the game: one of the chief complaints was that it had strayed a bit from the usual Star Fox type game play style, which was a 3D scrolling shooter game.

Adventures is a direct sequel to Star Fox 64, and features the familiar heroes of the Lylat System like Fox McCloud with new characters, like Krystal the Fox and the dinosaur Prince Tricky. The game plays much like an action-adventure genre rather than the usual shooters in the franchise, with Adventures featuring several lands to explore and puzzles to solve.

Star Fox Adventures was the first Star Fox game that I had ever played, and I was introduced to Fox McCloud through Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64. I have yet to try one of the more traditional Star Fox games, but if they have the same lovable characters and similar heroic journey, then I’m looking forward to them!

Have you played Star Fox Adventures? What about the other Star Fox games? Did you enjoy them?

Pokemon Emerald

Rachel Mii Double JumpPart three of my journey is complete!

I went through Kanto and Johto, and now I can say I’m the champion of the Hoenn region.


Pokemon Emerald game review Double Jump

Title: Pokemon Emerald
Company: Nintendo
Console: Gameboy Advance
How I got the game: I bought it

My Review:


Being a Gameboy Advance game, the graphics are subpar compared to what they look like these days. However, if you push the fact that it’s 2016 aside, the graphics aren’t bad at all. The screen is clear and in color to see what’s going on in the world of Pokemon. The sprites are still only an inch tall, but I find that great and amusing.


Like most Pokemon games, you use two buttons throughout the whole game, for the most part. It’s easy enough to play and to figure out. It’s not complicated, which is what I love when I play games. My fingers don’t have a lot to do.


Again, like most Pokemon games, you go on a Pokemon journey. You fill up the Pokedex given to you by the professor, you collect eight gym badges, and challenge the Elite Four and Champion to be the very best. In the meantime, you save the world from Team Magma or Team Aqua, depending on which game you’re playing.


It was fun to play Emerald again. I haven’t played it in such a long time, probably since it came out way back when. I’ve played Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire since they came out, but Emerald brings that nostalgia feeling back.

Pokemon Emerald gets…
5 lives double jump5 out of 5 lives.

Mood Music

One of the most important aspects of a video game, in our opinion, is the music. The calming field tunes, the epic boss scores, or even the jarring silence in a cut-scene all contribute to the mood of the game and the player.

I don’t think I’m come across a video game score that I didn’t like. There are so many songs that I could hum along with and tell you which game they’re from just from hearing the first few notes.

Oh, there are plenty to gush about. My personal favorite is the Song of Time from the Legend of Zelda series. Nostalgia is my best friend whenever that tune plays in the air. Honorable mentions are the Super Smash Bros. themes, Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Id Purpose song, and Hikari from Kingdom Hearts.

My favorite is definitely The Lost Woods from The Legend of Zelda, but I love all the Zelda music. Anything from the first Paper Mario game is high on my list as well. Then of course there’s other Mario games as well as Pokemon.

Pokemon has some really good tunes, especially the Champion battles. Super Mario music is iconic, but I believe one of my favorites from that series is the theme of Star Hill from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The songs are so iconic, bringing you right back to when you first played the game, to drumming up the excitement of being a part of that world again. Even games like Tetris have amazing music, to keep you in the mood to play, and I love it.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Tetris is mesmerizing. Especially when Smooth McGroove sings the song. But I agree, our cousin and I were playing Super Smash Bros. Wii U the other day and were battling on the Kalos stage. The music made me want to play Pokemon X or Y again.

Yes, the music just brings you right back to the game. Not only to the moment that you play the game, but also who you were playing with, the settings, all that jazz (no pun intended). Super Smash Bros. for the N64 brings me back to our paternal cousins’ basement, where I would argue and banter with our cousins about the characters in the game. The Clock Town theme brings me back to my best friend’s house, where Majora’s Mask was one of the two video games she ever owned. Fossil Canyon’s music from Diddy Kong Racing reminds me of when Rachel was just starting out playing video games, and she would accidentally vanquish all of our father’s attempts at firing missiles at her!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Ah, nostalgia! It’s like when I hear music from Ace Attorney (I forgot to mention that one earlier), I get in the mood to write my mystery novel. Music is a special bond between the game and the player. And so much more.

What’s your favorite musical score or tune in a video game?

Top Tuesday: Hoenn Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

I’m journeying through the Hoenn region, so here are my top favorite Pokemon from the third generation.


Top Tuesday: Favorite Hoenn Pokemon Double Jump

5. Wurmple

I know Wurmple gets a lot of crap because it’s considered that “weak bug” Pokemon, but Wurmple can be anything he wants to be. Even though it depends on his number, I think it’s cool he can change into different butterflies.

4. Gardevoir

Majestic. Enough said.

3. Mightyena

I love all the dog-like Pokemon. Mightyena is tough and has such a cool design. It’s also dark-type which is pretty epic.

2. Swellow

Swellow is your standard bird. It’s huge and I think it would be the perfect bird to hop on its back and sore through the skies.

1. Blaziken

I feel like my number one Pokemon for each region is always the fire starter. But I can’t help it. Fire is my favorite type and the starters are just awesome.

Who are your favorite Pokemon from Hoenn?