Pokemon: Alola Speculations

Has everyone seen the Alola Forms for Pokemon Sun and Moon yet? Most of it seems very interesting, but may I just say… what the hell happened to Exeggutor? To be fair, I guess making Exeggutor more like a palm tree was an interesting move for a region based off of a tropical island.

Making him look like a palm tree wasn’t their plan at all. I read the actual article (we discovered the new forms through their video on YouTube) and they explained that they added a fourth head to Exeggutor’s head. Uh, yeah. Sorry, I didn’t notice that part due to his freakishly long neck…

A palm tree is definitely the first thing that came to mind when I saw Exeggutor’s Alola form. I saw someone else point out how Exeggutor’s Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Pokedex entry states that Exeggutor “originally came from the tropics” and how “its heads steadily grow larger from exposure to strong sunlight.” It is pretty cool that they’re creating a design from the Pokedex itself, despite the entry talking about its heads rather than its neck. Can we also talk about the fact that it weighs more than a Wailord, coming in over 900 pounds to Wailord’s 877?

My first thought was a giraffe, I have to be honest. It is cool that they’re using the Pokedex entry. It makes you wonder if this has been something they’ve been wanting to do for a while. At least it makes some sort of sense. The designs for Vulpix, Ninetails, Sandshrew, and Sandslash look pretty cool, I’ll admit. I don’t understand why they’re ice, though… I think the new forms are a cool concept, but I don’t understand why they’re needed.

I do like the designs for the Alola forms, but I also don’t understand why the change. It’s a tropical island, so why are we making Fire and Ground types into Ice types? Perhaps they didn’t have enough new Ice types to fill a quota? I mean, creatures evolving and adapting based on their habitat is what happens in the real world, so Nintendo may be doing this for science. That, or they’re just trying to throw us all for a loop, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I get that’s science and all, but I just don’t get why they feel it’s needed. And they picked the most random Pokemon… And only five Pokemon out of all 700+ Pokemon. I think it’ll be cool when we actually play, I’m just confused.

I’m sure there will be more Pokemon that get Alola forms. I’m hoping that they’ll leave some things as a surprise. I feel as if many extras will be shown as teasers like many video games do nowadays. For instance, what about the riding Pokemon? Not only on the land, but also in the sea and the air? In the Alpha and Omega trailers, they showcased Soaring on Latios/Latias, and I thought it would be a much more interactive version of Fly. Instead, it was just literally a cut-scene. In X and Y, there were predetermined Pokemon you could ride in predetermined areas. I know it’d be difficult to program, but what if you could ride around the region on, say, a Rapidash instead of a bike?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m sure they will show more. November 18 will be here before we know it, but it’s still a good ways away. I can’t wait to try to ride the Pokemon more often than we have been able to so far. I hope that’s an actual thing than just a cut scene. I would personally love it if the Pokemon trailed behind us like in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Aw, yes, I miss the Pokemon trailing after us! It had been one of my favorite features way back in the times of Pokemon Yellow, and I had loved seeing it return! … Then it went away for new features like Mega Evolution. Is Mega Evolution going to be in Sun and Moon, or will it be all about the Z-moves? Is Mega Evolution going away after just one generation? Are the gyms going away as well to make way for trials? When I heard about the Island Challenge, all I could think of was the Orange Islands segment of the anime. There’s certainly many new aspects of Sun and Moon to think about!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I have no idea. I’m sure some Pokemon may still be able to Mega Evolve? I mean, it’s part of the Pokedex now. I think every Pokemon can use a Z-Move, they can only use it once per battle though. So it is something different, in a way. As for the gyms… while the island trials sound cool, I still hope we can explore and nab eight badges before heading to the Elite Four and defeating the Champion. Speaking of, who are the villians? I know you said you hope they won’t spoil everything before the release, but it seems like we both still have a lot of questions. Still, I’m looking forward to the games.

What do you think of the Sun and Moon update?


2 thoughts on “Pokemon: Alola Speculations

  1. I think that Mega Evolution will return, because it’s an actual battle mechanic that was used heavily in tournament play this generation. Although Pokemon trailing is a nice thing, it’s something that can be inserted and removed per generation, whereas Mega Evolution is established in the metagame. Now, if it does happen to be removed for Z-Moves, I will find it concerning for people who have brought their Pokemon up to be a Mega, as opposed to just being say, their regular evolved form. For instance, if my Beedrill lost its ability to Mega-Evolve, it’d be nothing… Z-Moves look like they’ll be the new Mega Evolution mechanic change this generation, and will probably change competitive play a lot. I could see Game Freak doing something like having players choose between Mega Evolution and Z-Move for their team maybe?

    As for Alola forms, Exeggutor is an abomination. Yet, I kind of want to use him. I look forward to see what new forms old Pokemon have, though I also hope that they’re not just all Snowy Cloak or elongated neck versions of their former selves. I would also rather see new Pokemon instead of just taking old Pokemon and giving them a palette swap and type change. If there are still a lot of new creatures to balance out the retyping of old favorites, I’d be okay with that too.

    Either way, I’m excited for November 18!

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    • I imagine Mega Evolution will still be there, but I’m curious as to why they felt the need to add these Z-moves when Megas are still a fairly new concept. I feel as if the creators are trying to cram too many newer features into the games. I understand they want the games to appeal to as many people as possible, along with always bringing in more fans, but to us older fans, I’m starting to miss the simpler battling styles, you know?
      Haha, I feel as if many of the newer Pokemon in the more recent generations were getting those kind of comments about their looks. xD I’m looking forward to seeing the other forms as well, but like yourself, I want new Pokemon to inhabit the new regions.
      I’m still very much looking forward to the games, of course. 🙂

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