Co-op and Versus

During multiplayer games, how do you prefer to set up the teams with your friends and family? Do you prefer co-op modes or everyone-fends-for-themselves kind of games? When Rachel and I play, we tend to stick together to demolish the opposition. For example, in the Mario Party games (when they allowed it), Rachel and I like doing the Tag Team mode, where whenever the mini-game is 2 versus 2, we always were paired up.

I think it definitely depends on who you’re playing with and what game you’re playing. If you’re playing with a group of friends, I think it’s a lot more fun to be against each other. When it’s just you and me, sticking together through Mario Party is fine. Especially since you usually win the mini-games anyway. On the other hand… Remember when we used to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle together?

Yes, I agree that it depends on the people. We make a pretty good team, but it is always fun risking a friendship or two when it comes to competitive games. Oh, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was awesome going against you! You almost always won the racing courses while I tended to do better with finding the emeralds! The shooting events were just the pair of us mashing buttons. Those were good times! We always seem to be on a team in the Mario Kart games, too.

Ah, yes. Mario Kart Double Dash was good times! You always drove and I threw the items and beat people up with my Yoshi tongue if they got too close. You have to be careful who you’re playing with though. I know I can get a little too competitive sometimes.

It wasn’t just Double Dash that we made a good team. Even during the team races of other Mario Kart installments, we did pretty well. On the flipside, you were the better driver and I played back-up from second or third (or sometimes even further back) place. Super Smash Brothers is a good franchise to show off our competitive sides! It’s fun to beat each other up once in a while in the form of video games!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, that’s right! Mario Kart Wii had the team option. I forgot about that. Yeah, I’m a beast at Mario Kart Wii! Smash is a good way to show off your competitive side, but I’m not that great at it so I just get mad.

But it’s all in good fun. I think you and I are so used to working on a team together that co-op tends to be our go-to option when we play video games with that option. I can definitely think of a few friends that I wouldn’t mind at all going all-out against in versus modes, but I like that I usually have you in my corner. I think it’s because I know your skills and you know mine — can’t let you go on the enemy team and give away my secrets, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
This is true! It’s a lot more fun to go against your friends. Plus, most of our friends don’t play video games so it’s usually easier to win. Because let’s be honest, it’s fun to rub it in their faces. Even if it is all about having fun. But making fun of your friends is fun too. Okay, I’ll stop talking now.

Which do you prefer? Would you rather have your friends as your teammates? Or your enemies?


4 thoughts on “Co-op and Versus

  1. I usually prefer co-op games, especially when playing with my wife. Numerous recent games have been good about having a co-op mode, especially platformers and some RPGs. If I’m in a large group or a party, then it’s definitely more fun to play versus. There aren’t many co-op games that incorporate 4 people or the insane 8-player mode in Smash, so vs. is the way to go at those times. I forgot how fun Double Dash’s co-op mode was too!


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