First Thoughts: The Legend of Kusakari

Rachel Mii Double JumpThe other day I was scrolling through my Reader on WordPress and My Nintendo News popped up with something interesting that caught my eye.

There’s a new game being released for the 3DS that’s inspired by The Legend of Zelda. Great! …Right?

First Thoughts The Legend of Kusakari Double Jump

I’m going to assume most of you have played The Legend of Zelda before, or at least know the basic gist of it.

The Legend of Kusakari, aside from the title and logo, is “similar” to Zelda.

The premise of the game is that not all heroes are warriors. You play as Kusakari who is a grass cutter. His job is to keep the fields clear and grass-free so the warriors around him can fight off the evil and monsters lurking about.

As far as I can tell, that’s about it.

It seems more like a puzzle game. I don’t know if you’re timed to cut all the grass or what, but from the trailer, I noticed there were darker patches of grass that took two swings to cut instead of just one. Difficult, yes?

The game will be $4.99, which is surprising to me. I don’t know if this is just a trial run or what. Usually, the games are at least $30. The game is developed by Nnooo, a company I personally have never heard of. So I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

I was excited for the game when I saw it was inspired by Zelda, but once I watched the trailer I was turned off. People in the comments said it’s a “clone” of Zelda, but it is far from. Aside from cutting the grass, the logo, and the title, that’s it. Oh, the music is similar, but I find it to be ear-piercing. Sorry for the bluntness, but if they chose different instruments, I think the music would have been different and therefore better.

Because it is only five dollars, I may give it a shot just because I’m curious. But I won’t be downloading it right when it comes out.

Feel free to view the trailer below. For the full Nintendo News article, go here.

What do you think of this game?

5 thoughts on “First Thoughts: The Legend of Kusakari

  1. Cool! I’ve heard of Nnooo, but nothing really positive. Although this game looks like Zelda, it’s nowhere near as deep as it, being something of a grass cutting game. That’s probably why it warrants such a low price tag. If you do get it, I’d look forward to hear what you think!

    • Yeah, it definitely doesn’t seem like it will have an amazing storyline like Zelda. It’s just a puzzle game and that’s that. But I like puzzles and for five bucks… I may try it, lol.

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