Double Jump Kris MiiIt’s Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was crazy busy with my best friend’s wedding. It was beautiful and there were certainly plenty of happy tears shed throughout the ceremony and reception. I was able to keep myself together for the most part, thankfully!

I’m not the kind of gal who cries easily (except at adorable and sad movie moments, usually of the Toy Story 3 or Finding Dory variety), but I do remember getting teary-eyed at a particular scene in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Remember that scene where Zelda holes herself up to sleep for a couple of hundred years? The one where she asks Link to wake her up, and Link stumbles over the stairs trying to get to her? Yeah, that bastard of a scene.

Both Rachel and I were sitting there dumbstruck, our eyes filling up with tears, as Zelda and Link said, “See ya later,” to each other. Neither one of us had ever thought that we would be that emotionally invested in the game’s characters.

Of course, we love the characters, Link and Zelda are like extra siblings in our household with how often we’ve played the games. These particular reincarnations just sucker-punched us in the gut with their relationship and how Link’s one motivation in the entire adventure was just to save his friend. The world was important too, he knew that, but Zelda was always his main priority.

We didn’t see Zelda as much in that game but she, as always, was vital to the story. Not only was she a motivation for Link to get his rear in gear, she was also courageously playing her part to save the land. We cared about her as much as Link did, and seeing how heartbroken Link was to witness his best friend go to sleep after he had gone through so many trials and tribulations to get to her side made our eyes well up.

Besides the story line and wonderfully crafted relationship between Link and Zelda, I believe what also had gotten to us was seeing Link’s despair on his face. Skyward Sword’s graphics were beautiful and Link, not being one to talk much, shows all of his emotion through gestures and facial expressions. It’s that moment that makes Rachel and me cry.

What about you? Has there been a video game character, cut scene, line of dialogue or plot that made you tear up?

4 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Final fantasy 7. The aerith scene. ;-; And just the music in general. Makes me cry every time. Also the ending of ff10.

    (Also, have you done a post on upcoming games you’re excited about? Would be interested in reading that!)

    • I never got that far in Final Fantasy 7… If I ever get the chance to play it again, I’ll have to have tissues handy!
      (I thought we did, but hey, we can always use another! Thanks for the suggestion!)

  2. My wife cried during Skyward Sword, at a different part. It was about Impa at the end, and I’ll keep it at that. I’ve cried during games with great emotional stories such as the ending of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future. I loved that game and how it ended. It’s still my favorite in the series. I’ve probably cried during parts of Phoenix Wright too.

    • Ahhh, Impa! Easily one of my favorite characters, no matter the incarnation! Her part was definitely a tearjerker in Skyward Sword. We haven’t played Unwound Future yet, but we have played Miracle Mask and, like the Phoenix Wright series, I’m sure I’ve cried during those too. 🙂

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