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Rachel and I, although we’ve branched out a bit, are mainly Nintendo girls. I grew up with the SNES, after having watched our older sister dabble on the NES, and Rachel came along to join me with the Nintendo 64. Those old consoles and cartridges lasted years (and may still be kicking — Rachel, we should test them!), and when the GameCube, Wii, and Wii U came out… Well, we stuck by them. One of the best points was the backwards compatibility for the games between console generations. We didn’t have to abandon or rewire the old consoles in favor of new games.

(We tried testing the old games the other night, but we were too lazy to set it all up, remember?) Anyway, Nintendo is great like that. This is definitely a reason we’ve stuck by them and their consoles for so long. Our Xbox 360 crapped out on us a few weeks ago and we’ve been hesitant on getting a new one. One, because the Xbox One S is a thing. Two, because not all the games are backwards compatible. It’s disappointing.

I was extremely disappointed that there was no backwards compatibility for the Xbox systems. Naively, I thought that was a pretty standard feature of most consoles. Imagine my surprise when I learned that not only were the games not backwards compatible automatically, but they were only slowly incorporating the feature for select games. Now there’s a rumor that the NX may be a single-screen console/handheld, which means that it most likely won’t have backwards compatibility for Wii U games, which use two screens.

It’s just not something you really think about. You assume because the technology is higher it can do just about anything. But it can’t. So we have all these Xbox 360 games sitting on our shelves and we may never be able to play them again. Or, we’d at least have to buy the game again, just for an updated console. As for the NX, that would suck. Although our Wii U is pretty good so I don’t think it would be that big of a deal for us.

It’s such a waste with the games. We’re attempting to branch out with our gaming, but the console companies are making it a bit difficult. Perhaps if we are able to splurge down the line, we can get a nice used Xbox 360 for those games, but otherwise we’re probably going to see how the next generation, Scorpio, will be. We have had good luck with the Wii U, and the previous Nintendo generations, so I’m thankful for that.

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At this point in time, we’re just going to have to wait and see what the new consoles bring as we can get our hands on them. Only then will we be able to judge them.

What do you think about backwards compatibility for games?

2 thoughts on “Backwards Compatibility

  1. I wish there were more backwards compatibility. It helps with playing the backlog of a platform’s games if you didn’t pick up their last generation console. It also works better for my TV which has limited HDMI outlets. Many early systems weren’t backwards compatible, but now that everyone’s using discs, I just expect there to be compatibility. There may be limiting reasons why there isn’t, but I still feel like all systems should at least play the previous gen’s games. Hopefully, the trend for Nintendo’s BC continues with the NX and that Sony and MIcrosoft catch on.

    • Considering the technological strides gaming has been making, one would think having the software for BC would be available for most consoles. Perhaps other features, such as online gaming, shouldered it out, which is a shame. I imagine money is a reason too. 😛 Here’s hoping that the NX continues the BC trend for Nintendo!

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