Old PC Games (Part One)


We talk a lot about Nintendo games and consoles on this blog. It’s what we grew up with, and they are still our favorites even as we dabble in other video game publishers. Nevertheless, we love trying out new games and turned to PCWORLD games. Instead of playing something new, we walked down memory lane.

When we couldn’t get on the Internet because our mom was talking on the phone way back in the 90s, we had to turn to PC games for entertainment. A lot of the games we used to play were Disney related. We had Storybook adventure games of 101 Dalmations, Winnie the Pooh, and The Lion King.


Does anyone else remember those games? Disney was (and still is, I’ll be honest) a huge part of our childhood, so being able to play through the stories and activities with the characters was tons of fun for us.


I don’t remember too much from the actual games themselves. I remember 101 Dalmations the most, I think. I vaguely remember Pongo waking up Roger and you had to play a memory game opening different doors to match the dogs to their owners. You know, like in the beginning of the movie when Pongo watches people walk their dogs down the street and they all look alike.

Speaking of 101 Dalmatians, we also had one that was based off of the live-action film, where you took control of Lucky and Whizzer (or Patches) and had to escape the De Vil Manor. That was an awesome game, I used to play it all the time! The Lion King was more focused on activities, like memory games and coloring.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I remember that version of 101 Dalmations, too. Was that the same game (supposedly) as the video game in the live action movie of 101 Dalmations? I remember coloring in The Lion King. That’s about it, though.

Near the end of Escape from De Vil Manor, there was the mine cart game that was based off of the video game at the end of the live-action film. It was a nice tie-in. The Toy Story game was also a favorite, especially with the awesome voice actors from the film!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I remember the mine cart game and I loved that part of the game! I have to say though, I don’t remember too much of the Toy Story game.

The first half of the Toy Story game was basically you trying to help Woody sabotage Buzz Lightyear, haha! The second half was them trying to get home. Basically, the movie itself. It was always entertaining to our younger selves, especially with our favorite characters.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It’s fun to rememeber them! Unfortunately, we don’t have the games anymore. But it will be nice if we can find them later down the road and give them another try. I’m sure that would be funny!

Have you ever played these PC games? What other PC games have you played?


2 thoughts on “Old PC Games (Part One)

  1. I haven’t played these, but I did play the Hercules action game based on the Disney movie. It was a fun platformer with pretty neat boss battles. It was probably available on consoles too, but I remember it being one of my first big PC CD-ROM action games!


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