Flashback Friday: Spyro the Dragon

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How was everyone’s week? Anyone got some nice new or old games that they’re playing?


Spyro the Dragon originally came out for Sony’s PlayStation back in September of 1998 in North America and was released about a month later for Europe. It received generally positive reviews, mostly for the game’s graphics and it’s high replay value.


The game has the player take control of Spyro, a small (but don’t say that to his face) dragon with a little dragonfly sidekick named Sparx. Spyro was a snarky fellow with an amusing script and fun moves. The main objective is to explore various realms with hub worlds to rescue Spyro’s fellow (normal-sized) dragons and collect treasure from the nefarious Gnasty Gnorc. As Spyro, the player defeated enemies by using charging with his horns or breathing fire, with Sparx helping to collect treasure and being a visual indicator via different colors for Spyro’s health.

Each realm had specific goals for Spyro to meet before he could move onto the next one. Meeting these goals was the minimum action needed to move on and eventually Spyro would gain access to Gnasty Gnorc’s lair. Defeating Gnasty Gnorc would roll the credits and a cinematic movie ending before allowing the player to return to the game to finish collecting dragons, treasure, and dragon eggs to 100% the game.

Since the original Spyro the Dragon, there were two sequels for the PlayStation 2 along with a handful of spin-off Nintendo GameBoy Advance games. Interestingly enough, he is also heavily featured in the Skylanders series.

Have you played the Spyro series? What did you think of them?

3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Spyro the Dragon

  1. I didn’t play Spyro until much later. My wife used to play it when she was younger though, and she loved it and Crash Bandicoot. A few years ago, I finally played through the first Spyro and enjoyed it. I like 3D collectathon platformers, and Spyro is a pretty good one. I don’t like that he walks on 4 legs, even though that’s what dragons do. I mostly prefer playing as bipedal characters for control purposes. Moving around as Spyro is kind of difficult, especially when you do that running charge. Anyway, really good write-up about Spyro the Dragon! My wife also has the third one and the PS2 version, which I might consider playing through sometime.

    • I think the third one I wasn’t too impressed with, although now that it’s years later, I can’t remember why… The second one wasn’t too bad, in my opinion. I like your wife’s tastes, haha! 🙂

      • I’ve never played the second one, but I know the third one included different characters and skating minigames, oddly enough. It was jarring after the simplicity of the first game. I’ll let my wife know, thanks! 🙂

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