Meet DeeJay – Gaming Wishlist

As many of you know, we recently bought a heavy-duty gaming laptop from a good friend of ours. Barely a year old, only used for six months, the Alienware computer was a steal. We’re definitely excited for all the new gaming possibilities it brings us!

A few months ago, we bought a desktop together mainly for gaming. But we ended up using it more so for blogging and graphics and The Sims. But now we can get as many games as we want!


Rather, as many games as the laptop will allow us, which will be a decent amount I’m sure, haha! On the top of my list of games is Batman: The Telltale Series, the visual novel, choose-your-own-adventure type of game. I’ve heard plenty of positive reviews about it, and I can’t wait until I can splurge and buy it!


The top one on my list is Stardew Valley. While I liked the Harvest Moon games (but couldn’t stick with them too long) I’ve heard so many great things about Stardew Valley. 

That sounds fun as well, especially since I am a Harvest Moon fan. I would love to give Overwatch a try as well. The online aspect would certainly be a throwback to when I played City of Heroes!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Overwatch definitely looks like a good one! Especially since we don’t play that type of game often. I also want to put Minecraft on there as well. I think we’d have a lot of fun with that.  

Minecraft would be awesome! We’ll be awful at it, haha! I would love to get into some MMORPGs like World of Warcraft or Warhammer again.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ll just have to get all the games from Steam. Plus more. Either way, we’re going to put this laptop to good use! 

What games are on your wishlist?


2 thoughts on “Meet DeeJay – Gaming Wishlist

  1. That’s wonderful news! I’m excited for all the new PC games you can play. Steam is so great for gaming and for all the sales they have in general. I have so many Steam games just from sales that I still need to play through. Luckily, I can do it since I just got a new gaming PC myself, the Omen. I love the name, so gamey. My computer’s keyboard letters are very simple, almost alien-like which is neat. My old computer could play PC games, but it was slow and on its way out, so a new computer helps with writing and gaming!


    • Getting a new computer is so satisfying! I’m glad to hear you got a new one as well and it does have a cool name!
      We’ve never actually used Steam before, but we’ve wanted to for a while. So this is going to be great.

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