On Creepy Moments in Video Games

On Creepy Moments in Video Games

Happy almost Halloween, everyone! The upcoming holiday has prompted us to think of the more creepier moments we’ve seen in some of our favorite video games. Rachel and I aren’t the types to play downright horror games — we’re too wimpy for that — but there have definitely been moments in our games that make us jump and cringe.

For example, Twilight Princess. That game has an awesome story, but it’s pretty dark given its main antagonist, Zant. Strange things happen, especially in the Twilight Realm and there were some creepy flashbacks. Like when Ilia no longer had pupils in her eyes or when the female Yeti went evil.

Pretty sure the scene that made us yell the most in Twilight Princess was when I was trying to use the Sol orbs in the Twilight Realm. The dismembered hand that held onto the Sol orbs and tried to take them back through the walls stressed us out so much! Especially Rachel, considering she jumped out of her seat a couple of times!

The music was creepy, okay? It was pretty suspenseful and got louder as the hand got closer. Plus, the hand itself was gross looking. Even the people in the Twilight Realm were creepy. I know they were changed by Zant, but they always howled like ghosts when you got near them. Um, no thank you…

It was great, especially since it was me playing rather than Rachel, haha! Although, she was a bit of a backseat-player at those points… I think my creepiest video game memory was — spoiler alert — Dahlia’s reveal at the end of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. For a game series that deals a lot with spirits and ghosts, Dahlia took the cake with her seeking revenge from beyond the grave!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, that was awful! We got way too into that series (definitely not a bad thing) and we decided to stay up late and finish the final case of the final game in the main trilogy. Of course, we didn’t realize how creepy it would get. It was nearing midnight when Dahlia was revealed and we were pretty spooked.

At that point, we didn’t know it was the third game of a trilogy. We found and played that game first, haha! It’s a wonder Dahlia didn’t scare us off from the rest of the games! It was definitely satisfying to defeat her for good, though. One last moment that pops into my mind has to do with our above graphic. Luigi’s Mansion wasn’t scary at all, but there was a point up in the attic where the lightning flashes and the shadow on the wall makes it look as if Luigi was hung. It’s a debunked rumor, but the image was still a bit shocking nonetheless.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Oh, that’s right! I totally forgot we played the games out of order… But yes, I agree. That part in Luigi’s Mansion freaks me out every time, only because it’s such a freaky thought. And I’m sure there are plenty of other creepy moments in games that we’ve forgotten about. We’ll just have to make a list for next Halloween!

What are some creepy moments in games that have spooked you?


9 thoughts on “On Creepy Moments in Video Games

  1. Definintely Doom 3. The perpetual darkness and creepy sounds without an obvious source really got to me. Other than that I’d say Lego Marvel Super Heroes; there’s this one scene where the screen begins to flicker, turns to black and Venom suddenly rushes at the camera. It’s quite a disturbing scene for a Lego game


  2. There are some pretty creepy moments in the 3D Zelda games, like the Bottom of the Well and Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time. There are other cAndreepy parts with the Redeads and Poes too, of course. And as A-typical said, Majora’s Mask is creepy on its own! There are also strange ghosts and the Lavender Town theme in Pokemon.


    • We were trying to think of different creepy things for this post and so far everyone in the comments is suggesting things we forgot about! Lol.
      There are creepy moments to all Zelda games, I feel like. Even Wind Waker with the final boss, I did not expect that ending with the cartoon-effect.
      Lavender Town is… Lavender Town, lol.

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