Friday Favorites: Alolan Pokemon (So Far)

Double Jump Kris MiiThank goodness it’s the weekend!

I’m about a third to halfway through my copy of Pokemon Moon. I’ve defeated the second kahuna, and I’m enjoying the new Pokemon that I’ve been meeting. I still have a couple of islands to explore and I’m hoping to meet even more new Pokemon! So far, though, there are some pretty good contenders as my favorites!


Holy crap, how cute is this little rock Pokemon?! I was smitten as soon as I had first seen the Pokemon and I was totally looking forward to adding it to my team in Moon. She’s pretty powerful, especially with her evolution.


Ground is one of my favorite types in the Pokemon games, and I was thrilled to see Mudbray and Mudsdale. Mudbray was adorable and Mudsdale has become one of my best partners in Moon.


This little bird was one of the first new Pokemon my starter and I met. I’m always a sucker for a new Flying-type, and the Pikipek line has not disappointed me yet. That, and Pikipek is just totally fun to say!


A fire-breathing poisonous reptile? Yes, please! My Salandit has been a delight since I caught her, and I can’t wait to see how well she’ll do as a Salazzle!

What are some of your favorite Alolan Pokemon?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Alolan Pokemon (So Far)

  1. I also love rockruff and mudbray/mudsdale. Rockruff eventually evolves into a really cool beast and the form is different based on the version of pokemon you have. I personally like moons version. These games have been a delight to play. Hope you enjoy the rest of your pokemon journey

    • Oh, yes, my Rockruff has evolved! It’s definitely a cool design, and I love that the form is different depending on your version. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. I love Rockruff and Mudsdale as well. I have to say, I usually like the cooler-looking evolved Pokemon each gen, but I absolutely love the cute Pokemon in Alola! They’re just so adorable, that I ended up getting plush of them at the Pokemon Center in Japan!

    Here are my favorites and pretty much what I’ve used in my in-game team:

    Bewear – I know, this is kind of an odd one, but they really are marketing this to be one of the popular ones. Stufful is ridiculously cute, and I just like how awkward looking Bewear is. It makes me so happy how odd he is.

    Mudsdale – Mudbray and its evolution are so cool! I thought we ran the gamut of horses with Ponyta and Rapidash, but Mudsdale is a joy to use and pet in Pokemon Refresh. It’s so heavy too, so Heavy Slam works wonders on it.

    Mimikyu – Ever since hearing its song on YouTube, I’ve fallen in love with this Pikachu look-alike. I love that it wants to be popular and thus dresses up like Pikachu. I also like its hidden darkness and how it will curse anyone who sees what’s under its costume. It’s so cute!

    Rowlet – This is the greatest and cutest starter of all time. Enough said.

    • I haven’t encountered Bewear or Mimikyu yet in my game, but I’m looking forward to finding these cuties! I agree with you, Alola certainly is overrun with adorable Pokemon, haha! Totally agree with Rowlet as well. Grass starters were always my favorite, and I’m looking forward to having a Grass/Ghost type in my party!

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