4 Gift Ideas for Gamers

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

The holidays are right around the corner… Have you finished your shopping yet?

No? You procrastinate on that kind of stuff? Well, then. Here are some gift ideas for that special gamer in your life.

Gift Ideas for Gamers

Pacman Mug

Pacman Mug

This is such a classic mug with a cool design. It looks like it’s a decent size to hold whatever drink you choose to get yourself through that next boss battle!

Game Over Mug

Game Over Mug

Even though this mug looks like it would be awkward to hold, I like the design. The picture may be hard to see, but the bottom says “Game Over.” I’m sad when my coffee is all gone, too.

Gamers Respawn Pillow

Gamers Respawn Pillow

If you’re gaming for hours on end, you need a comfy pillow to rest one. And what’s a better pillow than one that speaks the truth?

Gamer Mousepad

Gamer Mousepad

Every PC gamer needs a mousepad.

What else can you get a gamer?

Anything Zelda, anything Mario, anything Pokemon, etc. Gift cards for Nintendo eShop, Xbox, or Steam. Actual video games, game guides, game accessories like headphones.

We’re pretty easy to please.

What gaming related gift do you want?


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