Top Tuesday: Alola Pokemon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

Wow, I’ve gone through all the Pokemon regions. I can’t believe this is coming to an end. 

While I still haven’t beaten Pokemon Sun, here are my favorite Pokemon so far.

Top Tuesday: Favorite Alola Pokemon

5. Oricorio

Oriocorio is an interesting one based on his design alone. Depending on where you find him, his physical appearance is different, which also changes his type. I have the electric Oricorio and he’s definitely fun to have on my team.

4. Yungoos

When I first saw Yungoos I wasn’t sure if he was going to be the “Bidoof” of the Alola region. Nothing against Bidoof, of course, but he was made fun of a lot. Yungoos surprised me as he’s pretty strong and he’s carried my team a couple of times.

3. Cutiefly

Cutiefly is adorable. I like Fairy-types, though I’m not one for Bug-types. It’s a good combination and Cutiefly can really pack a wallop!

2. Pikipek

The first bird Pokemon you encounter in any Pokemon game is always the best bird Pokemon ever, in my opinion. Pikipek is adorable and strong and I loved its evolved forms.

1. Litten

Surprise! The fire starter is my number one. I feel like I don’t need to really explain this one… but I’m eager to find out what my fire and dark will be able to do.

Who are you favorite Pokemon from this new region?

10 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Alola Pokemon

  1. Great choices! Cutiefly and Pikipek are underrated, I think, especially the former. And Litten is definitely an awesome starter. I would have chosen it if not for Rowlet’s existence. The Alola Region has introduced me to some of my new favorite Pokemon. I think this may be the first time where I prefer the cuter Pokemon to the “cooler”-looking Pokemon. Seriously, the starters are so cute! Here are my top 5, but I couldn’t possibly rank them at this point. I love them all.

    Rowlet – One of my new favorite starters ever. I’m no the biggest fan of its evolutions, but the little owlet is so adorable. I can’t get enough of it. I already have plushies of it.

    Litten – The other good starter. I also love this one, and I know you do too!

    Mimikyu – Another really cute Pokemon on this list. I first grew to like Mimikyu when I heard its song on YouTube. But now that I have added it to my party, I absolutely love it. I like its backstory and how it manages to be a pseudo-clone of Pikachu.

    Bewear – This thing is hilarious. It’s dumb-looking, but I like that about it. It’s also ridiculously strong.

    Mudsdale – When they first announced this Pokemon, I knew I wanted it. It’s a draft horse Pokemon. Between this and Pocket Card Jockey, I could tell that Game Freak had horses on the mind, haha.

    • Bewear reminds me of FNAF! He looks like one of them, right? Or it could just be me.
      But I agree, so many of the Pokemon in this region is adorable. I just recently beat the game, so I’m still exploring and discovering new Pokemon. I can’t wait to start training all sorts of new friends!

      • I’ve never played FNAF, but I’m familiar with the designs. I thought he looked like Monokuma, the main antagonist monochrome bear from the courtroom game, Danganronpa. Congratulations on beating the game! Post game training and Pokedex filling is my favorite part!

      • I’ve never played it either, but it was the first thing that popped in my head, lol. I’ve never heard of Danganronpa, though…
        I love filling the Pokedex. I’m slowly working on it. We should swap friend codes and battle each other sometime!

      • Yes, of course! My FC is 1908-1347-7044. The Festival Plaza is weird, and we both have to be online to add each other there, so we’ll have to coordinate that.

        I think you would like Danganronpa since you like Phoenix Wright. It’s a courtroom game just like Ace Attorney, except you’re in court with about 14 other people, and everyone’s a suspect. It’s a mix of Ace Attorney, Mafia, and escape game visual novels. I love both Danganronpa and its sequel, and I can’t wait for the 3rd game to come out soon.

      • My code is 1118-0887-5966. I’m not a huge fan of Festival Plaza either.
        Oh, that sounds good! I’ll definitely have to look that one up.

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