Top Tuesday: Favorite Features in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

I’ve got another Top Tuesday list for you all and it’s about… (drumroll, please!)

Pokemon! I mean, what else do I talk about?


5. Ride Pokemon

I never realized how much I disliked the HMs until I didn’t have them in Pokemon Sun. Getting rid of the HMs, forcing some of your Pokemon to learn certain moves, was such a great decision by Nintendo. I also love how they allowed us to ride more Pokemon. The concept has been introduced before, but they gave it a new meaning, which is awesome. I still wish we could ride whatever Pokemon we wanted whenever we wanted, but I’ll take this.

4. Battle Help

I have no idea what this feature is called, so I made up the title “battle help.” I thought it was awesome that there was a tracker for your Pokemon’s (and the opponent’s) status conditions. It was easy to see how many times your speed was lowered or if their attack was up by three points. It was also helpful to see which moves were effective against which Pokemon. I’ve been playing Pokemon for so long and I still have a hard time memorizing all the different types and moves.

3. Pokemon Refresh

I wasn’t sure where to put this one on my list. I absolutely loved Pokemon Amie in Pokemon X and Y. I loved feeding and petting my Pokemon, but I also loved the mimic game (even though it barely registered my face half of the time) as well as the other three mini-games you could play with your Pokemon. They took the games away from the Pokemon Refresh, but they added the grooming, which included an item to get rid of status conditions. I missed the games, but then again, I always spent way too much time on the games.

2. Poke Pelago

I love the idea that my Pokemon in the PC aren’t just sitting around in a box! I like being able to grow my own beans for Pokemon Refresh and to lure other wild Pokemon to me. I enjoy the berry island as well. It’s nice to have those anywhere at my fingertips rather than having to fly to a certain town in the region. I’ve gotten so many goodies from my Pokemon going treasure hunting and the springs and exercise playground are a fun aspect as well. A+ idea in my book!

1. Rotom Pokedex

I have never fully filled out my Pokedex. I got close in Pearl and even closer in X, but none of the Pokedexes have been 100% filled out. Having Rotom makes me even more determined. He’s supportive and encouraging and he can evaluate your dex and give you hints on where you should go to get more Pokemon. That aside, he’s just adorable. I loved how they utilized a new form for him to help us out and be a map. I loved his personality and that he showed us the way to go throughout the game.

What are some of your favorite features from the new Pokemon games? Let me know in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Favorite Features in Pokemon Sun/Moon

  1. I loved your list and all of the included explanations! Pokemon Sun and Moon did an astounding job improving the quality-of-life for the game. As you probably know, I am in love with most things they’ve added, and I have already put so many hours into this game!

    Here are my top 5:

    5. Pokemon Refresh – It’s so cute! I didn’t mess much with Pokemon-Amie in X/Y. But Refresh allows me to heal their status conditions, and then pet them. And the more I pet them, the more they’ll do awesome things in battle like dodge attacks or land critical hits. I love this improved feature!

    4. Poke Pelago – I’ve grown to love this as well, oddly enough. I even EV train (stat boost) my Pokemon in there, as opposed to the normal way of fighting certain Pokemon for specific stats. And I like the other facilities like getting free items, growing berries, or hatching eggs. If I could change one thing, I would have Poke Pelago’s screens as alternative bottom screens. Because as great as the map and Rotom Dex is, I wish you could change what’s on the bottom screen to suit your needs, like in previous games.

    3. Battle Help – I don’t know what it’s called either, but I appreciate that you can immediately know what move is Super Effective or not. Sure, that takes away some challenge, but a good number of people have the type charts memorized already anyway. With so many Pokemon and a large number of dual-types, it’s an incredibly helpful tool for both casual and competitive play. I hope they keep it in future gens!

    2. PokeRide – The feature itself is awesome because riding on a Tauros is so fun. But the biggest reason I love this is, like you said, removal of HMs. I’ve grown to hate HMs, like many others have, and removing them and coming up with a fun alternative was the best thing GameFreak could have done for world exploration!

    1. Hyper Training – Of course, as a competitive player, my top feature is the one that lets you perfect any Pokemon’s stats. All it takes is a bottle cap and a level 100 Pokemon. The requirements are admittedly lofty, but it’s well worth it to increase the IVs (individual values) of a Pokemon. The alternative to getting a perfect Pokemon is constant breeding, and for Legendaries, it’s nearly impossible unless you have extreme patience. With Hyper Training, I’ve actually been using Legendaries, because I can now perfect them. And being able to perfect all of my old Pokemon from Pokebank will be the icing of the cake. Gosh, I love this game so much!

    And honorary worst feature added – SOS Battles (Calling for Help).

    • I haven’t over trained any of my Pokemon in any of my games, but I want to try with Sun and Moon because of the new features they added. I haven’t tried it yet, though. Right now I’m mainly focused on my Pokedex.
      And I actually don’t mind the SOS battles. It can get annoying at times, sure, but there are ways to fix it so that the Pokemon will stop calling for help, or there are ways to fix it so that they continue to call for help so you can find a shiny eventually. It’s more EXP and some Pokemon only show up in battles if they’re called for help.

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