Switch Week: Presentation and Console


The Internet is abuzz with Nintendo’s Switch presentation from this past Thursday. Rachel and I watched the hour-long presentation, listening eagerly to the translators and watching the presenters showcase the Switch with its controls, expected games for the console, and the pricing, just to name a few. Overall, we felt that it hadn’t been too bad.

I felt as though the presentation itself was entertaining to watch. Each transition to the next topic, whether it was a new game or the controllers or whatever, was smooth. Some of the presenters seemed a little “blah” while others were eager to share this wonderful piece of art. But, overall, I think everyone did a great job.

I agree. It wasn’t too flashy, but it showcased what the presenters felt were important aspects of the Switch. They showed off the different play modes and how well the controllers worked with a few of the games. There was quite a bit that I wished was covered in the presentation, such as more regarding the online subscription and storage capacity of the console, but considering all we’ve been getting for so long was mere rumors of the Switch, the presentation was fine.

Overall, I think they did a great job showcasing some of the new games for us to eagerly await. They did a nice overview of the details of the console and definitely talked up the Joy-Con. The presentation was well done, in my book.

It was informative enough and kept moving along. There weren’t really any times during the presentation that lost my attention, except for perhaps a couple of game trailers that I wasn’t too interested in. Of course, what I was really waiting for throughout the hour was the trailer for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, I agree. The console itself looks amazing. It’s small and compact, easy to carry (which is the point, I know), and I love how the console, controllers, and dock are all one. Allowing the console to take pictures and videos of game footage is an awesome feature, too.

I was really surprised by the feature to take pictures and videos! Nintendo is usually a bit harsh when it comes to fan-games or let’s plays and the like. With the popularity of YouTube, of course, I suppose they’ve become a bit more lenient in that aspect, and seem to want people to share the love of gaming. Sharing the fun of gaming and celebrating the community that surrounds it was always a very positive aspect from the Nintendo company, and they seem to be continuing that tradition with the Switch.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The whole Switch experience is going to be so much fun! I can’t wait!

How excited are you for the Switch? Did you enjoy the presentation? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Switch Week: Presentation and Console

  1. The presentation itself was okay. The best part was when they shifted the focus from motion-control games and Joy-Con explanations to their games lineup. Nearly every game they showed looks great! I’m so excited about Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Breath of the Wild! The launch lineup isn’t the biggest, but I’m looking forward to a handful of other launch year titles like Bomberman and Splatoon 2. I can’t wait for March!

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    • The game lineup was my favorite part too, especially when we were FINALLY shown the Breath of the Wild trailer! Breath of the Wild is really the only launch day game I’m interested in, but I’m excited for many of the other games later on in the year.

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