Top Tuesday: Favorite Paper Mario Partners

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you know that I’ve been playing Paper Mario: Color Splash lately.

I absolutely love Paper Mario, even though the series has gone down hill since the first two games. One thing I miss about the older games are the partners. Here are my favorites.


5. Goombario

I had to include Goombario in this list, even though I thought he could be pretty useless at times. However, he and his family did save Mario’s life in the beginning of the first game and if it weren’t for them, then there would be no Paper Mario series. He was cute, especially with his sister, and he was the very first companion Mario ever had. I liked his Tattle ability to tell me how much HP each enemy had. Other than that, though, I never really used him.

4. Koops

Koops is in Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door. He is very similar to Kooper from the first game and I had a hard time deciding who to put on this list. I ultimately decided on Koops for two reasons: One, because the majority of this list is from Paper Mario, and two, because Koops had great character development throughout the game. His personality and even his physical appearance makes Koops look like a nerd and that he can’t do anything. But he gathers his courage and saves the world with Mario, for his loved ones, especially his father.

3. Rascal (Yoshi Kid)

I thought Yoshi Kid was an interesting addition. I was happy they finally included Yoshi into Paper Mario and he had such a cool personality that I loved having him around. I especially enjoyed that we were able to name him since he just hatched from his egg. The first time Kris and I ever played through Paper Mario 2 together, we named him Rascal. And I d will never forget that, for some reason.

2. Huey

Huey is the only partner I really enjoy who is not from the first two Paper Mario games. Huey is from the latest Paper Mario game, Color Splash. You can’t do anything without Huey by your and his sarcastic attitude and anger issues are hilarious and really made the story enjoyable.

1. Bow

This list was hard because the more I looked at Mario’s partners the more I realized I like them all. I wasn’t even really sure who to put where on the list. I ultimately decided that Bow is my favorite because she knows what’s up. She’s not afraid to fight, to stand up for herself and others. Her powers are really cool in and out of battle, and Boos were always my favorite in the Mario world. Having a Boo by my side with a snarky attitude is a lot of fun.

Who are some of your favorite partners in the Paper Mario series? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Favorite Paper Mario Partners

  1. Awesome choices! I got Color Splash for Christmas but have yet to try it out. Huey sounds like a fun character from what I’ve seen though. And Bow is an adorable Boo, and I approve of that answer. I think I answered this question once before for a top 5 for just Paper Mario and accidentally put in Thousand Year Door characters. So hopefully, I get it right this time!

    In no order:

    Goombario – My first few answers will be very similar to yours. Goombario is a classic. Pairing up with a Goomba for the first time made me so happy.

    Koops – I actually also originally went with Kooper as my go to Koopa Partner, but I think you’re right that Koops is a tad better. They’re both great though!

    Yoshi Kid – I think we just have very similar opinions on the best Paper Mario characters. Or perhaps they’re really just the best. I love Yoshi, and having a nicknamed Yoshi Kid is perfect for this game.

    Parakarry – I love this Koopa postman. I also like his ability to fly me across places. He’s so cute and helpful!

    Vivian – I enjoy how different Vivian is. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mario series characters, but Vivian is such an interesting and different character, both in personality and design. I like her (or him?). Apparently, the original Japanese version may have given him/her a Birdo-like situation, haha. Another reason to find this character interesting though!

    • I think our choices are just the absolutely best. 😉
      Parakarry was awesome, I agree. He had a great personality and it was cool to have a flying partner. Vivian is great, too. I believe she’s transgender? I think I heard that somewhere, but don’t quote me.
      Also, Huey is awesome. Say what you want about Color Splash, but Huey is awesome.

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