Friday Favorites: Alolan Forms

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Besides the native Alola Pokemon in Sun and Moon, there are also a handful of Alolan forms of generation one Pokemon, and it’s been interesting to see the difference in designs and types. Based on my own personal tastes, below are my favorite Alolan forms.

4. Raichu

He’s using his tail as a surfboard! How adorable is that?! Overall, I just love the color scheme that’s used in his design, and to give him Psychic as a secondary type just adds to his power.

3. Sandshrew

The Sandshrew-Sandslash line was a stable in my Kanto games, and I was a little put out when it was first announced that it would be changing in the Sun and Moon generation. Ground-types were always one of my favorites, although I have nothing against Ice-types. Still, seeing an iced up Sandshrew in the game, I gave it a go and found him to be cute. To me, his design looks like he has a hood or helmet over his head!

2. Marowak

Marowak is probably one of the most popular Alolan forms from the new games, especially since he was showcased in one of the trials. Changing his typing to part Ghost was a cool move, especially since the majority of us long-time Pokemon gamers first encountered Marowak way back in Lavender Tower as a ghost. Adding the Fire-type gives us a type combination that’s not used too often.

1. Ninetales

Ninetales was always majestic, let’s all be honest here. Her Alolan form just looks more like a queen, especially with the duel Ice- and Fairy-typing! Although I was confused about changing a Fire-type into an Ice-type in a tropical-like region at first, I do like the Alolan Ninetales a lot.

What are some of your favorite Alolan forms?

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Alolan Forms

  1. I think you picked the best Alolan forms already, haha. Marowak is my favorite because of its fire dancer look. It’s also a Ghost-type now, which goes with its Lavender Town lore. I also like Ninetales, Sandshrew, and Raichu. I also like Muk, but I think that’s about it. I honestly don’t like most of the rest. Alolan Raticate, Persian, Dugtrio, Golem… They’re not the best looking creatures, especially when I have such an affinity for the originals. Exeggutor is hilarious, but I think the issue is that they just look so goofy. Like you said, the best ones are the majestic or adorable forms.

    • I’m not sure if the Alolan forms worked for me or not, you know? This listing was me being optimistic about them, and while I understand how they wanted to showcase the different region and how species would adapt to a new climate, but I don’t believe many were necessary. A few of them I enjoyed, but I was more interested in the brand-new Alola Pokemon. I didn’t mind Alolan Meowth, with how it looked perpetually sassy, and the new typing for the Geodude line was interesting. Dugtrio and Exeggutor were just goofy, and I wasn’t a fan of Mustache Rattata (but I totally used it as an excuse to name mine Splinter after the Ninja Turtles character). The ones I had listed weren’t bad, but I don’t believe they were needed.

      • Same here, I liked the ones we listed, but I would have preferred if they were just new Pokemon. Maybe if instead of the awesome Alolan Marowak, it was just a brand new fire-dancing Pokemon who resembled Marowak in looks alone.

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