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Double Jump Kris MiiIt’s President’s Day here in the US and where I’m from, we got the day off! I hope everyone else is having a lovely Monday and that you’re enjoying it!

Having time off of the day job on a winter’s day is a good excuse to curl up with a new video game… After you get past the tutorial, of course.

Many video games have tutorials for the players to push through before they can dive into the main story line, if not some very simple first levels so the player can get used to the controls. Tutorials are important in that they help introduce the game world to the players, and I definitely appreciate them whenever I turn on a new game.

people-who-skip-the-video-game-tutorials-when-playing-a-game-for-the-first-timeHowever, there are definitely games where I wish I could skip the tutorials. For instance, I’ve been playing the Pokemon franchise since Red, Blue, and Yellow two decades ago. Pretty sure I’ve figured out how to catch a Pokemon by now.

Of course, there are franchises where a tutorial is a nice refresher, such as the simple instructions at the beginning of the Legend of Zelda games when the franchise continues on the newer consoles. The controls may be different from the Wii to the Switch, so a short interlude on how to swing a sword isn’t bad once in a while.

Whenever games offer a tutorial, I tend to play it, especially if it gifts the player with experience or bonus items. Yet, I do wish  more were able to be skipped, especially on favorite games that I find myself playing over and over. Super Mario RPG and its spiritual successors in the Paper Mario line do this with the timed hits and action command tutorials, allowing the players the choice of whether or not they wanted to go through the tutorial.

What about you? Do you enjoy tutorials or just wish to be dropped into the game to figure out the mechanics for yourself? Any franchises that you think work better with or without tutorials?

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5 thoughts on “Press “A” to Jump

  1. I agree that games should give options to skip tutorials, especially for games in a series. I will play tutorials for games I’m not familiar with, but I don’t like when it’s forced. There are only few games that don’t need tutorials, and those are the ones that teach you how to play organically. There aren’t many, but Super Metroid and the original Zelda games come to mind.

  2. Like mr. Panda said, there should definitely be a skip tutorial option for people who have played that particular game before. Sometimes tutorials are needed for complex games like dark souls but like you say for games like pokemon you dont need an old man teaching you how to catch a pokemon.

    • The Pokemon games were one of my prime examples when thinking about this. Sun and Moon, while brilliant, did start off very slow while setting up the story so when the time came to actually “learn” how to catch Pokemon I was close to groaning.

      • Very true the slow start in sun and moon didn’t help the lead up to learning how to catch pokemon. I was saying in my head, “really after 25 years?”

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