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Double Jump Kris MiiThe Legend of Zelda video game series has an extensive lore that focuses on the power of the goddesses, a golden Triforce that represents Courage, Wisdom, and Power.

What if the Golden Triforce represented other virtues? Which would you choose?



The basic premise of the majority of Legend of Zelda games is Link and Zelda, the representatives of Courage and Wisdom respectively, trying to protect Hyrule from the Power-hungry Ganon. Sometimes there’s boats, sometimes there’s horses, sometimes there’s trains, sometimes there’s moons with creepy faces, but mostly it’s Courage and Wisdom thwarting Power’s attempt at taking over the known world.

It just made me curious how the games would play out if the virtues of the Triforce were different, which prompted my thought process to go down the road in wonder at what my personal Triforce would be. If I had a triangle tattooed on the back of my hand, what would it represent?

Creativity would be a nice virtue, I think. Creating new ideas, technology, art, music, stories… Worlds, cultures, lore and magic would all fall under that piece of Triforce.

Freedom would compliment Creativity, symbolizing independence, the ability to live out one’s life without oppression and discouragement, and chasing one’s dreams.

What good would chasing one’s dreams if one did not have the Ambition to turn them into reality? Ambition and drive to catch the dreams that Creativity made and that Freedom allows you to have would complete my Triforce.

What virtues would your personal Triforce represent?

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4 thoughts on “Personal Triforce

  1. That’s a pretty great question. It sounds like something one would have to fill up if they were entering into a hypothetical Nintendo-themed dating website or application! =P

    I have no idea what my personal Triforce would be, but people say I am patient, understanding, and friendly. So I will go with those.

    • Haha, I think it would work well as a question on a dating app! It shows what kind of virtues you value most. Patience is a fantastic virtue, and the others are just as important. 🙂

  2. Very interesting question and wonderful answers to that question! It’s tough, but I would also go with Ambition. Then I’d also put kindness as one of the pieces. Not sure what a good third one would be. Maybe persistence?

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