McDonald’s Adventure

I’m sure everyone has heard that there are Super Mario toys for McDonald’s Happy Meals. We haven’t had McDonald’s in a long time. We decided to go anyway, being 23- and 27-years-old, to get Happy Meals to get a surprise Mario toy.

Honestly, it’s been eons since we stepped foot into our local McDonald’s! The place still looked the same, though, so it was a bit nostalgic. Anyway, a long time ago, we had heard that you could just buy the Happy Meal toys, so Rachel joked around that I should ask when we got to the cashier. Me being me, I did.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I wasn’t going to ask and look like a dope, so naturally, Kris asked. And, of course, the cashier we got was brand new and clearly still in training. We got her to crack a couple of smiles, but ultimately she was kind of stiff and nervous and we definitely threw her for a loop.

We just kind of went around in circles. When I asked about just buying the toys, she said it was something we could do, but we still ordered Happy Meals because, hey, why not? Then we confused each other since the poor cashier apparently didn’t remember or understood when I had asked a few minutes ago if we can just buy one of each toy, and continued to let us know that, “Yes, Happy Meals come with a toy.”

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Then the manager came over and told us she only had Mario toys left. So, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. She thanked her and as she walked away I caught her rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Yes, we were that customer, apparently. Still, we each got a Happy Meal and got the translucent Mario toy. And they light up!

Hey, the poor manager already looked out of it already. We didn’t mean to give them more grief, haha! We got the chicken nuggets and, honestly, they were a throwback from when we were kids. They tasted just as good! It was an interesting adventure to say the least. All we need now is for McDonald’s to hand out Legend of Zelda toys for Breath of the Wild!

Did you go out and get a Happy Meal for a Mario toy? Let us know in the comments below!

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Flashback Friday: Street Fighter II

Double Jump Kris Mii Happy Friday, everyone! Another month has come and gone, and we’re getting closer to the second half of 2017. Anyone else feel like time is going by too fast?

Considering the rumors of a Mini SNES being produced by Nintendo, I thought we’d talk about another SNES game, one that certainly was popular enough back in the day to make the Mini SNES list — Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. 


Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is a fighting game that was originally released in 1991 as an arcade game before being ported to Nintendo’s SNES system. It became one of the best sellers of that console. It’s the sequel to the original Street Fighter from 1987. The series was developed by Capcom, and Street Fighter II was the company’s best-selling game all the way up until 2013, when Resident Evil 5 surpassed it. That’s over two decades!

Street Fighter II is credited with starting the fighting genre in home console video games. The player would select a character from a roster to compete in a one-vs-one fight, usually in a best two out of three rounds of close combat. Each character has a health bar and the aim is to deplete the opponent’s health bar before the timer runs out. Once the timer runs out, the player with the most health would win the round.

The game’s character roster boasted a diverse range of characters with their nationalities. Each had his or her own fighting style and it was a challenge to master everyone’s abilities. The fights even took place in stages from the characters’ home countries.

What I remember most about this game is Rachel playing it all the time at our grandparents’ house when her age was still able to be counted on one hand. If I wasn’t playing with her, I was probably waiting for her to be done so I could play Super Mario RPG.

Have you ever played Street Fighter II? What did you think of it?

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Alolan Pokemon Are Coming To Pokemon Shuffle

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Thursday!

If you know me, you know that Pokemon is one of my all-time favorite go-to games. And word has it that Nintendo has updated a side Pokemon game that I, ironically, started playing again.

Pokemon Shuffle - New Alolan Pokemon!

Pokemon Shuffle released in February 2015 for the iOS, Android, or the Nintendo eShop on your 3DS. The best part about it is that it’s free.It’s a similar to Bejeweled. The main difference is that it ties in the Pokemon with their types and moves. Each level is a battle and, if you defeat the Pokemon, you get a chance to catch it.

It’s a similar to Bejeweled. The main difference is that it ties in the Pokemon with their types and moves. Each level is a battle and, if you defeat the Pokemon, you get a chance to catch it.

I enjoy the game a lot, having it on my 3DS, though I go in spurts playing it. I recently took it back up again a couple weeks ago while I was waiting for Kris to finish some work so that we could play a game together.

Apparently, now the Alolan Pokemon will be making their appearance on the game.

I’m excited for this, especially because I didn’t even think about the latest generation when I started playing again. I forgot that the was game was “outdated” for the new Pokemon.

Of course, I’ve still barely made a dent in my Pokedex for that game, so adding more is just going to set me back, but it’s fun all the same.

There are special events to catch the starters, Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet, and there’s also a special event for Alolan Vulpix to join your team.

Litten is available through May 9, Popplio May 9 through the 23, and Rowlet May 23 through June 6. Vulpix will be available from May 2 through May 30.

Check it out:

Do you play Pokemon Shuffle? Are you excited for the addition? Let me know in the comments below!

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Rainway App

According to Nintendo News, there’s talk about this new app called Rainway for the Switch console. With this app, players will be able to stream their PC games directly onto the Switch console. There’s not much information regarding the app, but I thought it was an interesting find nonetheless. We’ve been getting into PC gaming a bit more lately, having a nice desktop and an almost-never used laptop for our PC games, but the thought of playing something like Stardew Valley on the Switch’s portable screen sounds like an interesting development.

Considering how heavy most gaming laptops are — as beautiful as they can be with their lovely graphics and sound systems — creating an app for the Switch that’ll showcase it’s portability seems like a good move by Nintendo. Rainway definitely seems like something we should keep our eye on. Not only that, but being able to dock the Switch and play the games on a larger television? That sounds good to us.

What do you all think of this idea? Are you excited about the prospect of playing PC games directly on the Switch, or are you good with your beloved gaming PC? If you don’t play PC games, does this kind of news think maybe you’ll start?

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Character Spotlight: Miles Edgeworth

Rachel Mii Double JumpHappy Tuesday!

With all this talk about the Nintendo Switch and Breath of the Wild and everything, I thought now would be a good time to talk about a character from the Ace Attorney series.

Seems now is as good a time as any, right?

Character Spotlight: Miles Edgeworth

Miles Edgeworth is the chief prosecutor in the Ace Attorney games. He first appeared in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) and has been in most Phoenix Wright games, the latest being Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (2016). He has also had his own game, Miles Edgeworth: Investigations (2009), which held a sequel that only came out in Japan.

I think Edgeworth is one of the best characters in the Ace Attorney series. He develops so much from the very beginning and even though Phoenix is his rival, they’re good friends. I love how the creators of this game made it so that Edgeworth wasn’t a “bad guy” simply because he’s the protagonist’s rival.

Miles is the kind of guy I would want to get to know in real life and definitely someone I’d want on my side.

What do you think of Miles Edgeworth? Let me know in the comments below!

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Rumors of a Mini Nintendo SNES

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Monday, everyone! I… just really want to keep playing video games right now instead of thinking about my day job, haha!

One of the more recent rumors that has popped up in video game news is about Nintendo producing a Mini SNES for the holidays this year. I’m honestly not as excited about the news as I thought I would have been…

So, everyone knows that Nintendo had severely underestimated consumer demand for the Mini NES, ending up with scalpers making the price skyrocket if you were lucky enough to find one for sale. Recently it was revealed that Nintendo is discontinuing the production of the Mini NES.

I wasn’t as disappointed as I thought I would be at that kind of news. The Mini NES would have been a nice addition to our video game collection, of course, but when we weren’t able to get one right away and saw what scalpers were doing to the little consoles’ prices, we thought better of it. We still have our original NES and the few games that I vaguely remember our older sister playing once in a while. It would have been great for nostalgic purposes, and it was a little disappointing to see Nintendo discontinue them rather than produce more to meet the demand, but we’ve moved on from the news.

Then the rumors of a Mini SNES system came to be. The SNES was the console that I first grew up with, and I have tons of fond memories about the games I’ve played on it. Yet, when I heard that there’s a good chance Nintendo will be producing the Mini SNES, I was fairly indifferent about the news.

I still have my original SNES console along with the games I played. Any of my old favorites that I truly enjoyed playing were downloaded on the Wii’s and Wii U’s Virtual Console. And, while I hope Nintendo would have learned their lesson from the mini NES, will there even be enough of the mini consoles to go around?

Of course, I would love to have a cute compact console filled with some of my favorite games from that era — Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the original Donkey Kong Country trio, Yoshi’s Island, Turtles in Time — but many of them have had their own remakes or, as previously stated, are available on the Virtual Consoles. So, assuming there will be enough stock of the console, should I splurge on the Mini NES?

I suppose we shall see!

What do you think about a Mini SNES being produced? If you could create the perfect game list for the Mini SNES, what games would be on it?

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Skyrim Theme (Acapella & Violin Cover)

As many of you know, music is one of our favorite aspects of video games, and it’s amazing to us to see how creative artists can be when it comes to covering beloved video game tunes. This time we’re showing off another favorite of ours, the Skyrim Theme performed acapella style with a violin accompaniment.

Peter Hollens is an extremely talented acapella singer who has covered many a song from movies, video games, and pop culture from all over the place. He has an adorable family that he shares his music with, including his wife Evynne who performs on her own channel and has collaborated many times with Peter.

The Skyrim Theme, however, is a collaboration with famed violinist Lindsey Stirling, who has an amazing repertoire of her own. She has three albums of original content and beautiful music videos to go with them.

We hope that you enjoy this music video and like Peter and Lindsey enough to go and peruse their other content!

What do you think? Any favorite covers you want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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