Friday Favorites: BotW Activities

Double Jump Kris MiiWe’re just going to be talking about Breath of the Wild for a while now, okay? I know, we’re about a month late, but we have to get all of our gushing out since we’re finally able to play the game!

While we’re not very far into the game, I do want to talk about the little quirky and new activities of Breath of the Wild that we get to do.


I wish my food just cooked itself when I stare at it.



I’m not the best cook in real life and I was a little dubious when it was revealed that Link would need to cook in order to regain health (whaddya mean we can’t just forage for wild hearts anymore?!). However, the cooking aspect is adorable and has that fun little jingle as the food bounces around in the pot! I’m looking forward to discovering all the different combinations for recipes and elixirs!

Bombing Mechanic

The Sheikah Slate is awesome and I love hearing how involved the Sheikah race has been in Hyrule’s history — way back with the introduction of Impa and Sheik in Ocarina of Time, I have always been intrigued about the Sheikah race! One of the mechanics of the Sheikah Slate is the ability to install Runes, which seem to be taking the place of many familiar Legend of Zelda items, like magnets, ice rods, and bombs. The bomb rune so far has been my favorite. For some reason, it’s so satisfying to toss bombs into enemy camps and remotely detonate them!


I’m an animal-lover by nature, and I would honestly never hunt in real life. However, to go with the cooking ability in this game, hunting seems to be satisfying as well — stalking boars, birds, and fish for recipes, getting the necessary ingredients to cook so you can survive, it really went with the theme of the game.

Climbing and Paragliding

See those mountains in the distance? I’m going to climb them!


Link is like Spiderman in this game, and I love it. He can climb almost any surface in the game and to just have that unlimited potential for exploring is amazing! That, and with our nifty jump button, we can launch ourselves off of mountains to soar through the air with paragliders to touch every nook of this gorgeous world.

Aside from the story and exploring, what’s your favorite thing to do in Breath of the Wild?

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: BotW Activities

  1. Climbing and paragliding, for sure! All activities are awesome to perform, though. I just love reaching great heights to scan a huge area and look for secrets.

  2. I also enjoy using bombs. I rely on them heavily and only use them on simpler enemies to avoid weapons breaking.

    Also cooking, I love how Link hums as the food cooks.

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