Nintendo Switch Portability

Nintendo Switch Portability

One of Nintendo Switch’s most boasted aspects is its portability. The small size, the clear screen, the joy-cons very satisfyingly clicking into place on the sides… The Switch is supposed to be the best of both home consoles and handheld gaming. That aside, we’ve been using it as a home console, enjoying the games projected up on the television as we both play.

There’s not a lot of games on the Switch, that we have so far, that we would play it on the small screen ourselves. So, one day Kris and I had to find our library because it moved to a new location. I decided to take the Switch with us out of curiosity to see how it would play on the move, away from home. While Kris drove, I played a level of Snipperclips by myself and then explored Breath of the Wild a little bit. It was smooth as though the Switch had never left the house’s Wi-Fi. Plus, the volume was loud and clear.

For a while, we had the radio off and were just listening to the sounds of Breath of the Wild (and, of course, Rachel asking me all sorts of questions, such as what button does which action). When we were younger, Rachel and I had no qualms about bringing the GameCube or Wii on vacation with us. Nintendo always seemed to have thought about portability with their gaming systems, with the GameCube’s handle and the Wii’s slim design. I feel that they took it a step further with the Switch.

That was our biggest excitement when we found out the Switch was designed as such. Not only can we bring it on vacation with us with no hassle, but we can even play it in the car for the three-hour ride!

Rather, Rachel can while I pray I don’t get too carsick while playing, haha! We had heard that it has a much better portability than the Wii U’s Gamepad, which had been advertised as having a similar power. However, through actual use, the Gamepad’s portability only worked if it was a couple of feet away from the Wii U console itself. We’re thrilled to find that the Switch has no such problems.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I find it amazing how updated the technology is in just 3-4 years. We could barely leave our game room with the gamepad because it was “too far.” I’m excited to take the Switch with us on vacation this summer and really use it for what it was made for.

Have you taken your Switch out and about with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Portability

  1. I love being able to take the Switch around! I even took it on a road trip too and enjoyed it, even though I also get carsick. I will say that I don’t play BotW much when out and about because I find it hard to make any progress in such short time. But with games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Puyo Puyo Tetris, I think I’ve truly found great experiences suited to portability.

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