Would You Rather: Pokemon Edition 2

To help celebrate Pokemon Month here on Double Jump, we’re going to play another Pokemon round of “Would You Rather?” The beauty of the main Pokemon games is the sheer diversity of your teams and how you go about completing your adventure, so there are so many different options as to what you can do in your save files. To start off, Rachel, if you had to choose one to join in the Hoenn region, would you rather join Team Magma or Team Aqua?

Hm… Probably Team Aqua. My favorite color is blue, and I do love swimming. Honestly, I could probably join either team. Kris, would you rather make it through Victory Road and never win against the Champion, or not bother to try to get your gym badges at all?

I think I would love the challenge of getting my gym badges and going through Victory Road. Even if I never won against the Champion, going through Victory Road is a challenging feat in itself. I’d probably occasionally try again against the Champion, but he or she can reign from their throne while I continue traveling and bettering myself and my team. Would you rather be someone’s rival, always the antagonist to someone else’s story, or going through your journey with only your Pokemon team, always being mere acquaintances or a passing face to everyone you meet?

I think I’d rather be a rival. At least I’d be known and I’d still have my team. Plus, no one said I had to be a mean rival. I could be like Barry from the Sinnoh Region.
Would you rather be able to explore only one region, catch only that region’s exclusive Pokemon, and never travel anywhere else, or would you like to be able to travel anywhere but only be able to catch Pokemon exclusive to your home region?

That’s a mean question! I think I’d like to travel to the other regions, perhaps keep my original team with me as my main partners. At the very least, if my home region is Kanto, I’d have a better chance of seeing those Pokemon out and about in the rest of the world! Would you rather be a Pokemon doctor like Nurse Joy or work with your Pokemon in catching criminals like Officer Jenny?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’m pretty sure you already know the answer to that. Work with Jenny, of course. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a detective of some sort. I would not do well being a doctor. Plus, Jenny has Growlithe. And no offense to Chansey, but I like Growlithe. Kris, out of everything there is for Pokemon, would you rather have the Pokemon Trading Card game because its main gaming source, or play all the Pokemon spin-offs games forever? (Meaning, the main journey games don’t exist.)

I’m definitely more into the games rather than the trading cards, so I would go with the spin-offs. The Pokemon Ranger games weren’t too bad, Conquest seems interesting, and the Mystery Dungeon games are unique where you get to play as the Pokemon. Speaking of being a Pokemon, if you were one, would you rather be part of a trainer’s team or live as a wild Pokemon?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s easy! I’d rather be with a trainer. I like the companionship.
I’m out of questions, but if you have any more for us, leave them in the comments!

What are some of your answers to these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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