Pokemon Anime


During this month, Rachel and I have been watching some of the Pokemon anime that’s available on Netflix, especially the original series. The anime is over 20 years old, having first aired in April 1997. I remember first watching the series when I was only in fourth grade and eventually coaxing Rachel into watching it with me when she was old enough to understand most of it. I was definitely more into the games themselves, but I enjoyed most of the characters and the battle sequences of the anime as well.

We used to watch the anime religiously every Saturday morning. It was part of our weekend routine and it was a sad day whenever we missed an episode for whatever reason. Re-watching the show now brought back a lot of memories, not just of watching the show, but remembering the show itself.

I remembered how Ash was a bit of a dope, haha! He was a decent character, one that I didn’t mind following, but Brock and Misty, along with Team Rocket, were the best characters in the show! My favorite episodes were the ones that focused more on Brock’s ambition, Misty’s own growth as a trainer, and Team Rocket’s wayward friendship.

Ash is a doofus, everyone knows that, but we all love him just the same. I do have to agree with you though. I loved the episodes where they had to work together with Team Rocket. One episode sticks out in my mind, “Island of the Giant Pokemon” I believe it was called. There were giant Pokemon (of course) and they all got separated from their Pokemon. Pikachu, Charmander, and company could even talk so the audience could understand them. It was cute.

That was a good episode! Seeing the Pokemon work together without their trainers really helped them all be their own characters as well. My favorite episodes tended to be the ones with epic showdowns, like the Pokemon League battles. One of the best movie openings, in my opinion, was for Pokemon 3: Spell of the Unknown, where Ash and a local trainer battle with the Johto theme song playing. The cinematic for battles were always my favorite aspect of the show and movies.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The battles are amazing, which is why I wish they could do more like that in the games, though I know that would be difficult to pull off. The games still do a great job! But yes, that theme is the best and I have to say, that movie is one of my favorites out of all the Pokemon movies.

It definitely was! I think there was an improvement in the anime for the animation and battles if you compare the episodes from the original series to the XY and Z series. We stuck a couple of those episodes on after rewatching some of the Indigo Plateau, and I was definitely impressed at seeing the differences in the battles. The music, of course, helps make the series! Most of the theme songs were some of my favorite guilty pleasure songs to listen to while growing up!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Overall, the anime can be ridiculous at times, but it really is a great show to go along with one of the biggest gaming franchises there is. I’ve been trying to decide what show to binge while I work and I’m thinking I may watch Pokemon.

Do you, or have you ever, watched the Pokemon anime? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below!

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