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During my lunch break from my day job recently, Rachel asked, “Where do you think we’d be without the Switch?” In all honesty, we’d probably be playing lots of other older games and still be really sad about not playing Breath of the Wild on the new console. However, the question did get us thinking about all of the contacts and friends we’ve made due to both this blog, video games, and the Switch itself.

We’ve played through so many games on the Switch in the past couple of months. Old games and new games, Nintendo games and indie games. It’s definitely broadened our horizons as we’ve played games we’ve never thought we’d even look at. And we’ve enjoyed pretty much all of them and can’t wait to get our hands on more.

Many of those games we wouldn’t have given much of a chance or a second look if not for Jack and Mike at Miketendo. They’ve been fantastic friends and contacts since this blog started, and it has been a pleasure working with them this whole time.

When we first decided to start Double Jump (almost two years ago now!) we never really imagined that we would have made such wonderful connections. It’s not even just Mike and Jack, but it’s the whole team at Miketendo (sorry, I’m not naming anyone, there are too many and I know I’ll end up leaving someone out). We knew most of them before the Switch of course, but it’s just funny how games on the Switch seemed to really bring us together. Looking back on our game reviews, we’ve played and reviewed over 10 games in the past two months. That doesn’t seem like much, but our original goal was one a month for the year.

This blog was started due to our love of video games, even though video games themselves tended to take a backseat due to day jobs. When the Switch came out and we started being in regular contact with the rest of the Miketendo team, we’ve been playing and enjoying video games more often again. It’s been a treat to actually try out a new game, to discuss the story of it, to wonder how everyone else may enjoy the game. As sisters, Rachel and I have always had much in common, but it’s special that these games and this blog keep us close.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We’ve had a lot of help from our fellow gaming bloggers along the way, but we also couldn’t keep the blog going without our readers. We’ve had a lot of fun the past year, we’ve learned a lot, and we love connecting with our followers and even readers who just pass by but still take the time to check out the blog. We’re planning a lot of cool things for the blog and can’t wait to share it with all of you. Happy (early) Thanksgiving, everyone!

Thank you, everyone!

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