Pokemon Mega Construx

A few months ago, when Gamestop was having a sale on all Pokemon items, we had to go there and go wild. I mean, it’s Pokemon. Why not? We were actually pretty good and didn’t get too much, but we did splurge on something a little different. Pokemon Mega Contrux, which are Lego Pokemon.

Although it’s not Lego brand, they’re very similar to the other building block company Construx. Each box gives you extensive instructions and the needed blocks to properly build your little Pokemon and the surrounding scene, if there is one. When we did the Gyarados build, we even realized that they gave us a few extra pieces just in case they were needed… Unless Rachel and I just somehow missed a step somewhere and had the leftover pieces as a result.

(I didn’t realize they were different companies… you learn something new every day!) We very well could have missed a step, but if we did, you can’t notice. Gyarados looks wonderful! It actually amazed me how it all came together so quick. You look at the mess of pieces and think that it can’t possibly turn out the way it looks on the box. But the instructions were well put together and therefore, so was our Gyarados.

I remember having a big bucket of Legos as a kid and creating large towers out of them. Dad once helped me make a windmill, and it was tons of fun to spend that time with him! I doubt he remembers it now, haha! Now we have memories of us goofing off while trying to create a Gyarados. We still have the Ivysaur to create. Being smaller, it probably won’t take us as long, but you never know with us.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The Gyarados didn’t even take us too long. We watched the old Pokemon anime while we did it too, which was fun. I’m looking forward to making Ivysaur and getting all the other Pokemon. I want to get Charizard and there are smaller ones for Pikachu and Eevee.

Our only problem with having these constructions is where to display them! Our Gyarados is sitting pretty on top of a stack of books that are on a wall shelf, which is a nice spot to both keep it out of the way and so the cat doesn’t try to play with it, especially since Gyarados came with a loose ultra ball. Still, it was a lot of fun to build, and I’m looking forward to creating more.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We need to invest in display cases or shelves to store all our Amiibo and soon-to-be Contrux masterpieces! This was a fun, mindless project to work on that didn’t take too long. We enjoy puzzles, so this was a lot of fun!

Have you built the Pokemon Mega Contrux? What do you think of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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