Reactions To The Game Awards 2017

While we weren’t able to watch the Game Awards live, we watched the stream through YouTube this weekend. This was the fourth year for the Game Awards, but our first year watching. I wasn’t expecting them to showcase upcoming games and announce new ones. I honestly thought it was just going to strictly awards plus a few fun entertaining songs here and there. Needless to say, the Game Awards didn’t disappoint.

We really enjoyed the show! Aside from the awards and seeing some trailers for new games, I really enjoyed the Game Awards Orchestra. Pretty sure we recognized Tina Guo — we’ve shared one of her videos before — with her electric cello, and the music from multiple video game franchises blending beautifully together was just awesome. Wish I could have heard it all live!

Yes, the music was amazing, especially the final song when they ended the melody off with a live performance of Jump Up, Superstar! It amazes me how much work gets put into such a show.

With the awards, we realized that we haven’t played as many games as we thought we did throughout the year. We heard of a good chunk of them but, honestly, the few that we really knew were Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Cuphead. It was still nice to hear and see the acceptance speeches and how excited the developers and the like got when they got the award!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We knew pretty much only the games on the Nintendo Switch, while we’ve heard of some of the other games, we didn’t know anything about them. I got warm and fuzzy whenever someone won an award because I know how hard they’ve worked and I know that their video game is their baby, especially the Cuphead team.

We knew Cuphead would win something with how innovative it seemed, especially with the graphics and action gameplay. We personally haven’t played Cuphead, but it’s been a great Let’s Play topic, and we’ve enjoyed seeing some of our favorite YouTubers play the game. Perhaps we’ll splurge ourselves on it, and see how well we can work together during the boss battles, haha! I was definitely excited to see the Game of Year award go to Breath of the Wild, their third award of the night!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I was so happy that Breath of the Wild won a few awards! They certainly deserved it. Then again, every single game that won or was nominated in general, all deserved it. The gaming industry is truly a great one. They all work so hard and have fun doing so. It really brings people together.

Did you watch the Game Awards? What did you think of the winners and nominees? Let us know in the comments below!

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