Friday Favorites: Game Awards 2017 Moments

Double Jump Kris MiiHappy Friday, everyone!

The Game Awards have come and gone this year, and we really enjoyed the show. There are a few parts, however, that still stand out to me. Here is a list of my favorite parts of the 2017 Game Awards.


Orchestra Performance

I’m an absolute sucker for the music in video games — soundtracks are what I listen to all the time, so much so that I don’t have an answer whenever someone asks who my favorite singer or band is. I would adore it if the Game Awards orchestra decided to tour. Hearing the mash-up of video game music, especially with Tina Guo on the cellist and a live performance of “Jump Up, Super Star!” sung by Kate Higgins, was amazing!

Best Student Game and Best Independent Game

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are the three biggest names in the video game industry, with good reason. However, it gave me warm and fuzzy feelings to hear the awards for Best Student Game and Best Independent Game. Celebrating the future of the gaming industry and those who will keep the industry moving forward is awesome, and the winners certainly deserved their awards!

Carol Shaw

I’m appalled that I have never heard of this woman before the Game Awards honored her with their Industry Icon. Carol Shaw was one of the first female programmers and she worked for Atari. Seeing a woman being recognized for her work and inspiration to others in the video game industry was phenomenal, and learning about this trailblazer was the highlight of the Game Awards for me. And the standing ovation that she received? Absolutely heartwarming.

What were your favorite parts of the Game Awards? Any moments that especially stood out to you?

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2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Game Awards 2017 Moments

  1. That Carol Shaw segment was excellent! And I loved hearing the orchestra, particularly Jump Up, Super Star, since we got to see Kate Higgins (an awesome voice actress) perform it live! My favorite moment in the whole show was Eiji Aonuma swinging the Master Sword around and then announcing the DLC immediately. It brought back memories of the awesome Twilight Princess reveal with Miyamoto way back when.

    • Anything Eiji Aonuma and the Zelda team did was awesome — they were so excited, it was adorable! The whole show was fantastic, and I can’t wait to see how they’ll top it next year!

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