Playing Through My Backlog Of Games

Rachel Mii | DoubleJump.comHappy Thursday and the first day of February!

I have a ton of games stashed in my bedroom and office. How many of them have I played? I don’t know, but I don’t think the list is very long.

Playing through a backlog of games | Video games |

I review books on my writing blog and for the first three months of 2018, I decided I wasn’t going to buy any new books. I’m only going to read and review books I already own that have been collecting dust on my bookshelves.

Now that we’re a month into the new year I decided to do the same thing with my collection of games.

The Switch came out a little less than a year ago and I’ve played a good amount of new games on that. More games will be coming out and if I get any opportunities for review copies or if Kris decides to spend her own money on new games, that’s fine. I’ll allow that to be a cheat for myself.

For my own personal reviews though I’m going to be playing games I’ve had for a while. I’ve already played Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and I’m currently playing Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. Happy Home is a game I’ve owned since it came out and never played.

I don’t know what I’ll be playing in the future, but I’m going to go through my handheld games and some old Gamecube, Wii, or Wii U games. I’m sure some Switch games will be thrown into the mix. I’ve had Has Been Heroes since we got the Switch and still have yet to play it.

I think this will be a great way to clear out my backlog as well as attempt to save money in a way. I don’t know about you, but I always look at my games, decide I have nothing to play, then hop onto the eShop and download something new.

With so much hype with new games for the Switch, I’m looking forward to looking back at some older games for a while.

Does anyone else have a huge backlog of games bought and never played? Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Playing Through My Backlog Of Games

  1. I’ve resigned myself to never getting through my backlog and I’m kind of ok with that now! But I have promised myself I won’t add to it – so I’ve recently been making sure I finish every game I start. It’s working out ok so far but I think Monster Hunter: World might be my downfall! Ha ha ha

  2. This is always fun to do, I have a backlog of 40-50 games myself. Last year I tried the same by refusing to by new games for the sake of it. I usually dig a hole for myself when games are on sale. But last year I made a point not to do that and only by games that I knew I’d play right away. Breath of the Wild for example was one of those exceptions. I did this with some success early on, but the Switch for so many good games I was genuinely interested in, it was hard to stick to this. I still knocked off 10 games from my backlog and find ished BOTW and almost done some of the other newer games I bought. I’m going to continue doing this, but it’s fun to play a new game with such focus.

    • I know what you mean. The Switch came out with so many good ideas that it’s been hard not to focus on any new games that come out. I’m still reviewing new games with my sister but I’m trying to reach backward to older games for myself and get the best of both worlds.

  3. I told myself I would get through my backlog of games before buying a new and what do I do. Buy Dragon Ball Fighterz. Review is coming soon. If I ever have time to play it. I wish I could play video games as a full time job.

  4. My backlog is insurmountable at this point. I’ve tried to put self-imposed limitations on myself similar to this in the past but I always end up cheating and creating more of a mess for myself. I have no self control. 🙁

  5. I am trying to play some more games from my backlog this year. I am trying anyway. I have played some that have been waiting to be played so far so it’s a start. Admittedly not the long games that I want to try to play but it is something at least.

    • I’ve been playing games that don’t take that long to complete too. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon doesn’t take long and I just finished playing through Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, lol.

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