Where Did The “Double Jump” Come From?

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Happy anniversary to us! Double Jump is officially two-years-old. We first created a post on this blog on February 2, 2016. Kris and I were already avid bloggers with our own writing blogs here on WordPress. We both love gaming so much and decided, why not start a video game blog together? We wanted a clever enough name that had to do with gaming but also showing how this blog is run by two people. Thus, Double Jump was born. We were thinking the other day, though… where did the double jump mechanic originate from?

After doing some research, we found out about this old game called Dragon Buster. It was a 1984 arcade platformer that is credited with being the first video game to feature the double jump mechanic. We don’t really know too much about the game, except that it was a side-scroller with action RPG elements and a bit of hack-and-slash combat. It was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System, and it would have been really interesting if it had been on the NES Classic!

Not that it would have mattered because we still don’t have the NES Classic… Dragon Buster was released in 2009 for the Wii virtual console, but only in Japan. So… no dice for us. This is, of course, a game we’ve never heard of before but it’s interesting to learn about. It was developed by Namco who has also developed Pac-Man, a series we all know and love. The box art for Dragon Buster is pretty cool because it looks so old. You can tell it’s from the 80s.

Perhaps there’s a way we can emulate the game somehow… It’ll definitely be something interesting to look into. In the meantime, though, thank you all for your support for these past two years! We’re looking forward to sharing many more good times and fun memories in the name of gaming with you all!

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We’ll definitely look into that. Maybe by the time we figure it out we can play it for our third year anniversary. It’s hard to believe two years have already come and gone and we’re looking forward to many more years with this blog. We have a lot more plans and new features for the blog (and beyond) that will hopefully come to fruition in 2018. We’re looking forward to it and we hope you are too! Thanks for joining us!

Thanks for sticking with us! We hope you’ll continue to do so throughout 2018!

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15 thoughts on “Where Did The “Double Jump” Come From?

  1. Nice research! The double jump is one of my favorite game mechanics – even though it makes precisely no sense (unless you have Samus Aran’s boots in Metroid Prime)!

    And happy blog birthday!

  2. If you are looking for a way to emulate games look into getting a Raspberry Pi 3. You can run a couple of operating systems on them and get roms of retro games and you are set. Anyway happy 2 year anniversary to you guys. Game on🎮🎮🎮🎮!!!!!

  3. I think there were a few games I ended up playing after a game in which a double jump is featured only for me to realize too late that I can’t jump in midair. In most cases, it’s greatly appreciated, as you can potentially jump out of death pits.

    In any case, happy blogging anniversary! I know when I made it to two years, I had no idea I would have been reviewing games for that long.

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