Would Your Rather: Mario Edition

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We’ve done a couple of “Would You Rather” posts in the past, and we thought it’s time for another. This round will be all about Mario, considering we’re big Nintendo fangirls and we realized we haven’t quite celebrated Nintendo’s best-known mascot just yet. So, Rachel, would you rather play a game that has Bowser as Mario’s ally or the antagonist?

I think I’d rather have Bowser as the antagonist. That’s what he’s well known for and he’s usually funny as the bad guy. Of course, I do feel bad for him and would love to see him as an ally again like in Super Mario RPG. Kris, would you rather only be able to play Mario Party 10 or Mario Party Top 100?

Really? I would have thought you’d pick him as an ally. Why start me off with such a hard question? If there’s no option for “neither,” then I suppose I would pick the Top 100. At the very least, I can play the mini games. Would you rather have tea time with Princess Peach or Princess Daisy?”

I’m surprised you didn’t pick 10. The mini-games is a good point though. We don’t know each other that well with Mario, huh? I think I would prefer to have coffee with Peach. Daisy is kind of annoying sometimes. Would you rather have a Goomba friend or a Bomb-omb friend?

Apparently not, haha! I think I’d like a Bomb-omb friend as long as, you know, they can regenerate after exploding like the ones that were partners in the Paper Mario series. Goombas can be cute, though! Would you rather live in a haunted mansion with Luigi or live in the Comet Observatory with Rosalina?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Despite my fear of the dark and ghosts, I’d have to pick the haunted mansion with Luigi. In Dark Moon the ghosts are friendly anyway, so it should be okay. Would you rather live in the Paper Mario world or the Yoshi’s Island world?

Paper Mario world, I believe. The world seems so lively when Bowser isn’t stealing the castles and whatnot. I’d love to see Shooting Star Summit from the original Paper Mario world! One last question to wrap this up. Would you rather only play the Mario Party series or the Mario Kart series as your source of Mario games?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Hm… That’s a real tough one. I think I’d have to go with the Mario Party series. Each game is different and I think I’d get tired trying to beat my own high school in Mario Kart.

What are your answers? Let us know in the comments below!

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