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When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced for the Nintendo Switch, it was revealed that every character who has ever been on a Smash Bros. roster will be returning for the Switch installment of the franchise. A few of these characters have been regulated as “Echoes” of other characters, which I presume to mean that they will be “alternate costumes” for the characters they are echoing rather than having their own portrait on the roster.

One example is Princess Daisy, who is Princess Peach’s echo character. I assume her moves will different slightly, but she won’t have her own spot on the roster. She’ll be with Peach. They didn’t announce too many different echo characters, but once they announced it, we’ve realized that the possibility for other echo characters are just about endless.

Dark Pit was announced as Pit’s echo character, while Lucina will be Marth’s. While I believe he’s an assist trophy, Shadow wouldn’t have been a bad idea as Sonic’s echo character. Tails and Knuckles may work as well, being of similar size and build. Tails could be programmed as lighter with a higher jump while Knuckles would be slower with a heavier punch.

I like that idea! That would be great. An echo character I wanted was Toadette for Toad… but then Kris reminded me that Toad isn’t a playable character. Still, it’d be cool to see Toad sometime. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing some Animal Crossing villagers or workers such as Tom Nook or Isabelle as an echo for the villager character.

While I honestly have never played as the Duck Hunt Dog duo, I’m wondering if Banjo-Kazooie could be decent echo characters for them? I know that Banjo-Kazooie is a fan favorite, even if that wasn’t a game I enjoyed. Dixie Kong could be an echo character of Diddy, using her hair to help with her double jumps like how Diddy uses his jetpack.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Why not through Yooka-Laylee in there as well? Even though that game didn’t seem to be as popular. Mrs. Pac-Man would also be a great addition to Pac-Man and I would especially love Kamek for Bowser or Bowser Jr. She’s a witch with cool powers, she could easily win in a fight.

Can we get Geno as an echo character too? I don’t even care who he’s “echoing,” I just want Geno, haha! I’d love to see a version of Midna from Twilight Princess in there as well. I believe she’s an assist trophy, too, but to have her be a fighter on the roster would be fun!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The possibilities are endless with these echo characters! Of course, I would love to see them with their own spot on the roster, but… who knows? Maybe someday.

Do you have any characters you’d like to see as echo characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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