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We play a lot of video games for this blog, and we like playing a lot of video games. Otherwise, this blog wouldn’t exist. However, there are definitely times when we feel that we rush through games more than take our time and just enjoy the games for what they are.

Writing game reviews is fun and I love being able to contribute to gamers and devs alike. I enjoy sharing and promoting games we liked and even games we didn’t care for too much. However, playing video games take time and it can be tricky to get their reviews out in a timely manner.

It’s a downside to doing reviews, I suppose. Obviously, we want the reviews to be timely and relevant, especially with how quickly games come onto the market. It’s a stark difference from when we were kids and could only afford games a couple of times a year. We’d take our time with those games, exploring every world and level, then replay them and old favorites while waiting for new games for Christmas and our birthdays. Now we pre-order games that are coming out months later to take advantage of Amazon Prime savings.

We’ve noticed lately that we constantly have a backlog of games. There are so many old ones we own that we still have yet to play and then there are the new games that were just released or will be soon that are currently in the news that all gamers are playing right now. We’ve tried to get on a “gaming” schedule before but with real life and Kris’s day job, it’s tough to stick to one.

Even if a gaming schedule worked, it would also mean trying to shoehorn in gaming during times that we may not feel like it. We wouldn’t really enjoy the games if we felt like we were being forced to play them on a set schedule. I mean, if gaming wasn’t such an expensive hobby, the logical solution would be to quit my day job for more gaming time, haha!

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It would totally be nice to have the ability to play video games all the time again. What got us thinking about this was Octopath Traveler. It’s been such a long time since we’ve gotten excited about a lengthy game. Breath of the Wild was exciting for us and we released a “review” long after everyone else had because we were simply taking our time with it. It’s great to dive into another long story with in-depth storytelling and plot.

While we’re not planning on taking as long with Octopath as we did with Breath of the Wild, we are definitely trying to savor it. The Nintendo Switch has been fantastic for indie games, especially smaller puzzle ones, but a nice story-driven RPG is perfect for us at this time. We’re curious as to what other people do when they find themselves with a backlog of games they want to play.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Gaming is not meant to be stressful and we’re enjoying every minute of it. Which is why we’re excited to play more of Octopath Traveler and to seek out even more games we haven’t played yet.

Do you prefer to take your time with games and complete? Or play just enough to get a feel of it for a review? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Rushin’ Through

  1. I want to give my readers a thorough review on newer games. So I try to get through at least a good chunk of it before reviewing it. In the case of Far Cry 5 I was damn near done with it since I was having so much fun with it. As for double-A, indies, and retro games I feel I can get through less than half before reviewing those. Especially retro games I’ve played before.

    • That’s what we try to do as well, especially with bigger new games, like Octopath. We try to steer clear of spoilers in our Story section of the reviews, anyway, so we do our best to play enough to get a good feel of the mechanics and to have solid opinions on how the gameplay, music, and graphics work with the game. We’re still working through Octopath, of course, and it’s nice to have a larger game to take our time with now that we don’t have a review deadline for it.

      We do retro games the same way as you, haha!

  2. This is a great article topic. I’ve been thinking about this lately, too. It’s tough to sacrifice one’s enjoyment of a game and rush through it for the sake of a timely review, especially when so many others are publishing reviews rapidly.

    • It is tough, isn’t it? Especially since so many of us are blogging about video games because we enjoy so many games. It baffles me when someone is able to get a review out so quickly after a game is released, haha!

  3. I have only been blogging for a few months so I am currently writing about games I have already played. I have not tried to blog about any games I am currently playing, but I would wait either until I was done, or far enough that I could talk about the game. I like taking games slow, really slow. I tend to get mesmerized by the smallest details like the environments so I take my time playing to enjoy the experience of playing a game. I also find games to be relaxing so taking my time helps me to relax.

    • We do our best to get far enough in the game to have a decent grasp on the mechanics and story before writing up a review. There are definitely games that we like to take our time with and, like yourself, we really enjoy just soaking in the details of the games, especially ones where the graphics or music make us pause. 🙂

      • I love listening to the music in games, sometimes I will stop and just listen to the music before playing more of the game!

      • If you ever get the chance to play Octopath Traveler for the Switch, you’ll adore the music! It’s fantastic! The music in the Legend of Zelda franchise is definitely a favorite, too!

      • I have been playing a bit of Octopath Traveler and I love the music! The Legend of Zelda games I have played also had great music in them as well! I also love the music for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX!

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