Debate: Starfox Adventures VS Pokemon Colosseum [Gamecube Edition]

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We have a ton of games and the Nintendo GameCube was one of our favorite eras. While Rachel and I tend to have similar tastes in the games we play — considering all the time we play together — we do have differing opinions on which games are better than others. Randomly picking a couple of our favorites, I am defending Starfox Adventures against Rachel’s choice of Pokemon Colosseum. For one thing, Starfox Adventures has a larger world compared to Pokemon Colosseum, one that has gorgeous graphics and is fun to explore.

Hey, no fair that you get to lead off with your argument right away when you’ve barely finished explaining the debate. But whatever. I chose Pokemon Colosseum because – drumroll – Pokemon! Even though this wasn’t your typical Pokemon game, I loved having the Pokemon on the big screen. I mean, it was a Pokemon game on the big screen that was close enough to being a main game.

The debate is which is a better GameCube game of the two random choices, Starfox Adventures or Pokemon Colosseum, haha! Starfox Adventure lets the players to explore freely as Fox in a beautiful world full of other characters. The combat system was decent with its real-time movements. Pokemon Colosseum used the same Pokemon battle formula as its main core games and the N64 Stadium games, which is great, but the game was definitely more of a linear story than allowing much room for exploration.

While you can explore more in Starfox Adventures more so than Pokemon Colosseum, there are a lot of new areas in the game than you would normally see in the main Pokemon games. The game has Pokemon from Johto and Hoenn, but the game is based in a new region called Orre, which isn’t seen anywhere else and is completely new and unique for the game, especially when the game first came out. And yes, the story is linear, but so are the main Pokemon game for the most part.

The main Pokemon games let you explore more, though, and set your own pace. I think Starfox has a stronger story as well, with the worlds and creatures showing off the GameCube’s graphics better than Pokemon Colosseum. Starfox himself is a fun protagonist, being the type of hero that wants to protect the world but rolls his eyes as he does so. Tricky, the little dinosaur prince, was a cute sidekick as well, even if he did get annoying at times.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Well, that’s fair. I’ll admit the protagonist in Pokemon Colosseum is nothing special. Still, you get Espeon and Umbreon as your Pokemon partners right off the bat, which is pretty great. The Eevee-evolutions have always been a fan favorite.

I will concede that Espeon and Umbreon — and the fact that the battles were all double battles, which is my favorite battle style — being your starters were awesome. I did find the story of Colosseum to be underwhelming, but I find myself a little jaded with the story lines of Pokemon games nowadays anyway. Starfox Adventures was an adventure and gave us some interesting new characters and a new way to interact with Fox McCloud. Granted, we never played the original Starfox games until the SNES Classic, and we weren’t too interested in them, so that may not count as much.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I’ll admit, Starfox Adventures is a great game. The story was fun and the characters were great to play. I may go with Pokemon Colosseum mostly because Pokemon is my favorite as well. I guess we’ll just have to let everyone else decide.

Which side are you on? Let us know in the comments below!

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