Ranking The Four Super Mario Party Boards

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Super Mario Party has made many old-school fans happy with the return of the classic boards, where characters take turns moving around to head to the star space while playing mini-games in between the rounds for coins. While the past couple of Mario Party games had boards, the way they were executed wasn’t up to par with the majority of fans. Super Mario Party seems to have gotten it right.

Super Mario Party has a great set up of boards and it’s executed well this time around. My biggest complaint is that the boards are too small, but for the amount of turns and the different mechanics used in the game, the board sizes work. However, a lot of people complain that there’s only four boards total and want more. However, four boards isn’t that much of a difference compared to some of the other Mario Party games. In order from Mario Party to Mario Party 10, here are the number of boards for each Mario Party game in chronological order: 8, 6, 6, 6, 8, 9, 6, 6, 7, and 5. Six is obviously the average of boards so having two less seems like a lot to some, but it’s not much of a difference. I’m personally happy with the types of boards we got for this game.

The first Mario Party had 8 boards? I don’t remember that… I suppose it makes some sense, with each character having his/her own board, then perhaps Bowser and a final board for the “story.” The four boards for Super Mario Party work fine if you take into consideration the other modes that Nintendo stuffed into the game, many of which were modes from Star Rush and even Top 100, just executed much better. Then of course there’s the possibility of more boards being DLC, so who knows? With only four boards, we’ve played them all quickly and each of us have our favorites.

I’m skeptical that they’ll add DLC down the line, but I guess that’s a discussion for another day. If you haven’t played Super Mario Party yet, then feel free to stop reading since this may contain small spoilers for you. There are three boards you can play right away and the fourth and final board is unlocked once you’ve played the other three boards. There’s Whomp’s Domino Ruins, King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine, Megafruit Paradise, and Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower. All four definitely have their perks, but I certainly have my favorites. Kris, how would you rank these four boards in order from your favorite to least favorite?

I think my favorite is Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower. While it was the smallest, the race to get to the star spot and the price changing for the stars, allowing you to possibly get more than one if you had the coins, made it quite the challenge. There was also plenty of opportunities to sabotage your opponents too! Megafruit Paradise is up there in the list, as I enjoyed the bright colors, the board’s secrets, and the fact that it seemed to be on one of the largest boards. Whomp’s Domino Ruins is probably third in line, as the dungeon aesthetic was cool, then King Bob-omb’s Powderkeg Mine. King Bob-omb’s board wasn’t too bad, but it just didn’t climb the ladder of my favorites for some reason. What about you, Rachel?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I agree that Kamek’s board was my top favorite of the four. I loved how you could get up to two stars, especially whereas the stars now cost 10 coins instead of 20 coins like the other games. However, the price changed to be either 5, 10 or 15 coins per star whenever someone reached Toadette. It was a good challenge. Next would be King Bob-omb. I felt as though that one had the most stakes during gameplay. King Bob-omb stood in the middle with many event (happening) spaces around him which ticked down a clock before his fuse blew. If you were caught in the middle when he blew up, you’d lose half of your coins. There are also smaller bob-ombs that may go on your “team.” They roll a dice block as well like your allies, except their dice block is 0, 0, 0, -1, -1, -1. So it can mess you up. Also, if you already have three allies and get a bob-omb, the bob-omb automatically kicks a random ally out and you lose a friend. Third on the list was Megafruit Paradise. I enjoyed the four different islands and with limited ways to get to each one certainly made for an interesting challenge. Whomp’s board was just kind of like a plain Jane to me. There wasn’t a whole lot at stake and it’s also the first board so I’m assuming it’s to ease the players into the game.

I’m glad we can agree on at least one of the boards, haha! Overall, none of them were bad, although they definitely had elements from previous Mario Party boards that made some of them have that familiar nostalgic feeling. Like, Megafruit Paradise reminded me of the Yoshi board from the original Mario Party, and the Whomps moving and blocking paths in the Whomp’s Domino Ruins had been an obstacle in previous Mario Party boards as well.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, overall, all the boards were great in their own right. I enjoyed playing them even if they were small and there aren’t many boards to choose from. I think Nintendo did a great job with the boards for Super Mario Party.

What are some of your favorite Super Mario Party boards? Let us know in the comments below!

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