Top Tuesday: Favorite Legend Of Zelda Graphics

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Since it’s Zelda Month and I’ve mostly been twiddling my thumbs waiting for the Pokemon games to come out, I decided to talk about the various Zelda games and one thing they all have: graphics (duh).

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5. Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask & A Link Between Worlds

I’m already cheating on my own list, I know. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are similar in style and I couldn’t choose between them and A Link Between Worlds. The Nintendo 64 games are iconic and while you wouldn’t think the graphics are that great, they were certainly up to par in their own time and have aged well. The 3DS game is similar – 3D, but smaller, crisper, and brighter. I enjoy it all.

4. Twilight Princess

Obviously, I really enjoy the bright graphics and Twilight Princess is not bright at all. However, all the characters look so realistic and have facial expressions and everything. The darker turn was a nice touch for the series and I thought the graphics were beautiful.

3. Wind Waker

Okay, now back to bright. As bright as can be. Wind Waker is cartoon-like which took everyone by surprise when the game was announced. I found the graphics to be delightful. It was a risk and it worked out well. I’ll admit, I was nervous that by changing the graphics, they were going to change the way the game was played. It was different, but more or less the same as any other Zelda game. The games can be dark and the vivid graphics were a nice touch

2. Breath of the Wild

How more realistic can you get? Breath of the Wild is a gorgeous game! It’s not just the characters, but the environment around them are beautifully crafted and well done. You can see every blade of grass blowing in the wind and the animation of Link eating is adorable. Nintendo has really out-done themselves with this one. And yet, there’s one more game I decided to put in the number one spot.

1. Skyward Sword

I absolutely love Skyward Sword. The motion controls can be annoying, yes, but this is a great game and it’s an awesome “prequel.” The graphics for Breath of the Wild are much better than this (way better), but I love how Skyward Sword looks. I enjoyed the uniforms of the school and how that all started. Pipit is a hunk and I wish he were in more Zelda games in his cute yellow uniform. But oh, there’s Link. Link looks awesome as well. I loved the whole atmosphere of Skyward Sword and the graphics were amazing at the time for the game.

What are some of your favorite graphics from the Legend of Zelda series? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Top Tuesday: Favorite Legend Of Zelda Graphics

  1. I absolutely agree with tour Top 3.

    I replayed Twilight Princess recently, and although the visuals have certainly aged more than those of The Wind Waker, they still hold up pretty well. However, I would put Minish Cap above it. No handheld Zelda game has looked better than it.

    • From what I’ve seen, Minish Cap does look great. Though the only handheld Zelda game I’ve played is A Link Between Worlds, so I didn’t want to include any of the others on the list.

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