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This is one of the corniest and ridiculous shows that we’ve seen. It’s a product of its era, with the episodes following the similar plot line of Ganon creating a scheme to try to steal the Triforce of Wisdom while Link, Princess Zelda, and their fairy friend Spryte stop him. Each episode is about fifteen minutes long and is full of glorious puns.

The show didn’t last long at all beginning in September 1989 and ending in December 1989. The voice acting is over the top and the overall show is ridiculous, as Kris said, but… I kind of wish there was more.

More episodes would have been nice. It’s rather a shame that it didn’t do well enough to go past one season. Considering all the episodes follow a simple formula, it isn’t too surprising. Still, we enjoyed the characters, especially with how sassy Zelda and Link were to each other. Zelda was also just as much as a protagonist as Link was, even if she did need to be rescued many times. I also enjoyed the music and sound effects, which are lifted straight from the original games. They were fun Easter eggs.

Honestly, the music and sound effects were probably my favorite part of the whole show. That could be because we just played the original game on the NES, but still. It was refreshing to hear over the corny voice acting. There’s a reason Link is a silent protagonist. Neither of their voices is at all what I had expected for them, but they worked well enough anyway. Link and Zelda had a cool relationship with one another. They were friends even though Link’s job is to protect Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom.

Yes, they were friends, even though one of the running jokes was Link always trying to get Zelda to kiss him. They flirted throughout the season, but Link never gets his kiss. There was respect between the characters, but familiarity to ensure the audience understood the friendships. Other jokes included the famous line, “Well, ex-CUSE me, Princess!” and a time when Link whistled the Super Mario Bros. theme song.

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This show certainly has its charm. It’s fun to see these beloved characters in a new light. This isn’t the kind of show that I’ll turn on once in a while, but I’m sure I’ll come back to it again to get a good laugh.

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6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda TV Show [Review]

  1. Let me guess! You saw a preview of this while watching the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. LOL! It was hot in the late 80s but yeah this show was pretty forgettable a year or two after its original run.

  2. This show was so bad, it was good. I haven’t seen the whole series but enough to know it is brimming with 80’s/ 90’s Saturday morning Cartoon corniness.

    A great read as always. I do hope the Zelda series gets a Cartoon reboot at some point.

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