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One of our #GamingTogether questions on our Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr this week was, “Do you let friends borrow your games?” Kris and I went through all the games we own fairly recently and realized that some of them were not originally ours. We had borrowed them from a friend or our uncle and never returned them. Which made us wonder if we’ve ever let our friends borrow games.

While I don’t recall ever letting a friend borrow a game, I do remember giving one of our younger cousins a Pokemon game. I believe it was Pearl, so she could try her hand at Pokemon with Rachel and me one year while we were all on vacation. I did buy myself another copy of Pearl so I wouldn’t miss it, but I was probably stingy when it came to letting someone else borrow a game.

I’ve never liked anyone borrowing anything from me – especially games. I’m a stickler when it comes to that kind of stuff. Even letting our cousins or anyone close to me borrow things now, I always give it to them with some kind of warning or deadline of when I want it back. With that said, I don’t recall ever letting anyone ever borrow a game from me. I gave a game away once, but that was a gift, so I guess it doesn’t count.

It probably helps that most of our friends growing up weren’t gamers like we were. My high school friend group only had one or two people besides me who actually owned consoles. Us, on the other hand… I’m certain the three Final Fantasy games that we have for our old, original Playstation used to be our uncle’s. Think we have a copy of Donkey Kong 64 that was probably swiped from his old collection as well.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
It’s funny too, because those older games I always thought we owned. There are a lot of games I remember playing, but we always played them at a friend’s house and never owned the. Here’s a question – do we have any games from Blockbuster that were never returned?

Oh, Blockbuster, how I miss thee… Not that I know of, actually. Pretty sure we’ve returned all our Blockbuster games. That would have been a good idea, though. Not that I condone stealing but, honestly, I wonder what they did with all those games and movies after they closed.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I know I’ve seen people with the Blockbuster sticker on some of their games. I think the store was closing so they just never bothered to return them. What was the store going to do? Either way, I don’t think I would ever let people borrow any of my games – especially if I wasn’t sure when I’d see them again. I don’t mind borrowing from others though… On the other hand, most games are digital now anyway so you can’t really pass them around.

I think I’d be paranoid about friends accidentally overriding my save files or such if I let them borrow games. Then memory cards became a thing, then games were saved right onto the consoles or on accounts that were on said consoles, such as the Nintendo Switch. You’re right about everything being digital nowadays… borrowing a game now would be like borrowing someone’s account, which I doubt anyone would want to do.

Do you usually let friends borrow your games? Let us know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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