Pokemon: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages [Movie Review]

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There are almost two dozen Pokemon movies — including the upcoming live-action Detective Pikachu film — and, despite how much we enjoy the Pokemon franchise, Rachel and I have really only seen a handful of them. When we had a little downtime lately, we decided to stick one that we haven’t seen before on, and this time we chose Pokemon: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages.

It’s on Netflix so it was easy enough for us to watch, despite the few DVDs we have of other Pokemon movies we haven’t seen. I remember when this movie came out and it looked interesting to me, though we never got around to watching. I never knew much about Hoopa before watching this film and Hoopa is a pretty cool Pokemon! The movie itself was pretty good as well.

I was disappointed by the lack of theme song in the beginning of the movie, since I always enjoyed those, but it was a minor detail. This movie dove right into the action, showing off Hoopa’s Unbound Form a century ago and all its power destroying a town in a bid to show off its strength. Considering Hoopa’s Unbound Form is a genie-like creature, it was captured in a bottle by a guy who had some power of Arceus, the legendary Pokemon that is said to have created the world.

I honestly didn’t realize there was no theme song until Kris pointed it out. The action began from the first second and I was drawn in anyway. Hoopa is certainly an interesting Pokemon as I didn’t realize he’s a genie-like Pokemon. It was a really cool concept. The movie as a whole was great. It was action-packed and none of the characters were annoying. The brother and sister characters were awesome where I usually find the side characters to get on my nerves.

It took place in the Kalos region, so Ash had Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie as companions. In all honesty, the companions didn’t do much, aside from Bonnie recruiting a random Hippopotas to help them near the climax of the movie. The movie would have done well with just Ash and the side characters — Meray and Baraz — helping Hoopa against its Unbound form. Speaking of Hoopa, the small form of it was adorable in the movie! The Unbound form was actually kind of creepy.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yeah, some of the “main characters” weren’t needed. Honestly, Pikachu didn’t even do much in this movie, which was off. The Unbound form was super creepy! He can teleport through his rings and just poke his head through and his eyes were red and evil and it was nightmare fuel for sure. Small Hoopa was so cute though and could, of course, speak English. What I loved most about this movie was that it was one giant Pokemon battle. They summoned a bunch of legendary Pokemon to help and it just felt epic.

Lugia, Rayquaza, Latios and Latias, Palkia, Dialga, just to name a few legendary Pokemon that were involved in this battle. They battled all around the city, causing such destruction that Rachel and I weren’t strangers to saying, “Well, the people in that building are now dead.” Honestly, if more battles in the anime were that epic, I probably would continue watching the series.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I still want to watch the anime anyway… I’ve gotten way too far behind in it. But anyway, the movie overall was great. I teared up once, but it never made it cry. It was actually just good feeling and a wholesome movie. It felt different from the rest of the Pokemon movies and I really liked it.

Have you watched Pokemon: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages? Think you’d be interested in it? Let us know in the comments below!

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