How To Make Octopath Traveler Harder

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It’s no secret that we’ve been playing through Octopath Traveler again – rather, we’re still trying to beat it for the first time. We were thinking of some new challenge ideas and it reminded us of the time when we thought of ways to make Breath of the Wild harder. It got us thinking of various ways to make Octopath Traveler harder.

A couple of ideas we came up with were rather simple. Instead of having all eight characters, with having all classes available to go against the enemies, pick just a team of four. Before unlocking second jobs, it will be a challenge to only have half of the classes available.

Not only would you only have half of the classes available, but you’d have less time to level up in between chapters since you’re not traveling through 32 chapters, but instead only 16. Another way you could make it harder is using Pokemon Nuzlocke rules. Have your team of eight but, if someone dies, they’re dead. See how long you can last.

Which, with the way we play, wouldn’t last too long. It would be a great challenge not only because you wouldn’t be getting all the stories, but the party banter between the characters would be lacking as well. Other simple ways to make the game more difficult would be to limit item usage. No attacking items like soulstones or no healing items aside from the cleric or apothecary skills.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Using items in battle can waste a turn anyway – depending on how poorly you’re doing. With the no items though, does the olive of life count or do you need to go to the Inn if someone dies? Actually, that’s something else you can do. Never go to the Inn. Only use items outside of battle. You could also use only the talents. For example, you can’t buy anything at the armory. Any new weapons you get must be from chests or Therion’s steal talent or Tressa’s purchase talent.

Playing off on using only talents, how about not being able to use the class-specific skills? Only perform regular attacks rather than magical attacks, or vice versa. Of course, if you spend most of the battles using skills, you would need to invest in a lot of SP healing items, like the energizing pomegranates.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That would be interesting for sure. You could also make the boss battles harder by only allowing the story character to break the shield. It doesn’t seem like much, but I bet it would raise the stakes a bit.

As mentioned, we’re still working on our first playthrough of Octopath Traveler, having a few more Chapter Fours to complete. However, it’s a game that we know we’ll go back to, and a few of these challenges are on our list to try.

Will you try any of these ways? Have you thought of more? Let us know in the comments below!

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