New Pokemon Cards Are Here!

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The other day, Kris discovered a new Pokemon Trading Card Game pack called Team Up. This is the ninth expansion pack for the Sun & Moon TCG. This expansion has an emphasis on the Kanto region, though it has Pokemon from all over. Team Up packs may have special duo GX cards such as Pikachu-Zekrom-GX. Team Up was released on February 1, 2019 and we went out and bought some the following day.

Rachel has a huge collection of Pokemon cards while Kris has none. So, we went out and Rachel was eager to get the four booster packs of Team Up – Pikachu & Zekrom, Eevee & Snorlax, Gengar & Mimikyu, and Venusaur & Celebi. While Rachel didn’t get any of the team GX cards, she got some other great cards including an Incineroar GX.

Kris, on the other hand, bought two themed decks along with a mini binder that had a Team Up booster pack inside. With those 130 cards, she’s starting off her collection quite nicely with a mini binder that holds about 60 cards as well.

In the Team Pack expansion, there are about 196 cards in all – 181 plus 15 secret cards. (According to Bulbapedia, that its.) We’re determined to catch ’em all!

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Do you collect Pokemon cards? Have you gotten Team Up yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I remember playing the trading card game a few times, but never really got into it. Not that it was complicated, but I just thought it wasn’t for me. I have thought about trying it again only because I have relatives who collect the cards. I think they play the game, too, so it’s a good time to bond with them.

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