First Impressions: Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0

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This past Wednesday, a Nintendo Direct for Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 randomly dropped to announce the newest DLC character Joker from the Persona series, as well as a few other goodies. We spent a little time this morning actually testing out Joker in a few fights, and I have to say that he’ll probably end up being one of my go-to characters.

Looking at the way Joker moved in the Direct, I knew he would be a favorite of Kris’s because he reminds me a lot of Sheik. We tested him out and he’s a pretty cool character – he’s fast, but not too fast and has a lot of cool moves.

My favorite characters do tend to be the faster ones, yes. I like the daggers, haha! We’ve actually never played any of the Persona games, which is something we should fix. We’ve heard of the series and the character, of course, but this was our first time seeing him in action. I’m curious about the actual “persona” that appears as well as to the reason for his masks and such.

Yes, I definitely want to play those games. Then again, we say that about a lot of games. Anyway, we also tried out the building a stage mode. Kris gave it a shot failing at making a circle. The stage looked like a whale with a unicorn-type horn made of ice… though I guess we can say he was spouting out water.

I rather like the original description you gave it — a speech bubble with a party hat. Granted, the stage builder, especially the drawing part of it will probably be better in handheld mode. It’s definitely something we want to explore more. It was interesting seeing what kind of stages are already being shared.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I didn’t give it a try yet, but I definitely want to do something in handheld mode soon. Maybe that’ll be the next Double Jump Challenge?

I’m game for that! See who can come up with the most creative and functional stage? Or we can have a theme in place and see who comes up with a stage that best matches it?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The possibilities will be endless! We’ll have to do multiple challenges for this. Either way, I’m looking forward to final four DLC characters in Smash. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

What’s your favorite part of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s newest update? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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