D&D Adventures: A New Tale

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With a couple of Dungeons & Dragons sessions under our belts, our little newbie group decided to try out a longer campaign with original characters rather than the pre-made characters from the starter kit. We did well enough creating our own characters, although their backstories aren’t much yet. I decided to go with a ranger half-elf named Kalythra who is much better with animals than she is with people.

And my character is named Sapphire, a sorcerer wood elf. Our group has a new member as well – we play with two members of our local writer’s group and their roommate but now the host of our writer’s group has joined us. So, there’s six of us – our DM and five players.

It was actually funny how our workshop facilitator joined. At the end of the last writer’s group meeting, he made a point to make the rest of us pause and we thought we were going to discuss the future of the workshop, considering our library’s remodel has made many more people ask to join. However, instead, he clasped his hands and pleaded to join our D&D sessions, haha! It was a great time, though, especially since he has much more experience in D&D than the rest of us.

Yes, he has more experience than us which made us realize that we’ve been playing wrong. We were adding our “attack bonus” to our damage this whole time rather than our initial rolls to see if we actually hit our target.

I mean, we’ve been doing alright, but it would have been helpful to know our attack bonuses for the previous sessions when we kept missing most of our hits, haha! The rest of the characters consisted of a human bard, a human cleric, and a dragonborn rogue, so we were a well-rounded group. The campaign is based on the one that is found in the starting kit, and we were tasked with delivering a caravan of goods to another trading post by a dwarf. Our group didn’t get too far before finding the dead horses of the dwarf and the warrior that had been escorting him.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Needless to say, we ended up getting sidetracked and ended up in a cave when a bunch of goblins attacked the group ahead of us. Now, in order to save them, we must kill the goblin in charge so the goblin holding our guy captive can be in charge. We’ll see how that goes.

With our track record, we’ll execute our plans poorly, but they’ll still work somehow. Granted, this is also just to save the warrior — I can’t quite remember what happened to the dwarf that had contracted us for this task in the first place. Our group is a bunch of misfits rather than a heroic team. The dragonborn “adopted” a goblin as a pet, our bard actually has a ukulele to play at the table, Rachel’s wood elf is constantly like, “Wtf am I doing here?” and my half-elf is more concerned with the various animals we’ve encountered than actually completing this mission. The cleric seems to somewhat have his head on straight, thank goodness, but it is quite amusing to hear him continuously preach the good word of his patron god, the God of Doctors.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
We really are quite the bunch… I personally didn’t give my character a personality or backstory just yet because I want to see how she plays out in certain situations. So far, she’s a bit of a coward but can definitely fight. I had pretty good luck on my rolls. We’ll see what happens next time though.

Do you think our new characters will make it? Have you played D&D before? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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