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It was recently announced that Cuphead is going to get its chance as an animated TV show. It’s called The Cuphead Show (Also Starring Mugman) and Netflix animators have picked it up. There’s no set release date as of yet. I have to say, I’m not surprised this is becoming a thing.

It’s nice to see how much attention and praise the Cuphead game has gotten since its release. Now the game will be up there with Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda has having cartoons under its belt! Considering the art style of Cuphead, it lends itself so easily to a cartoon.

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It’s based off 1930s cartoons anyway, so I believe it’ll fit right in. I assume Netflix will do it justice. At the same time, I wonder how the actual dialogue and storytelling will go. When it comes to shows based on games, they always come off a little silly.

Yes, the art style reminded me of the old Mickey Mouse cartoons from Disney, so it’s exciting to see. Quite a few video games recently have been announced to get adaptations as well — The Witcher and Halo, for example — and, after seeing the success of Detective Pikachu, I believe more people are interested in seeing their favorite video games as other media.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
They should just remake all the Pokemon anime and movies into live-action movies and tv shows. I know that would be a lot, but… that’d just be awesome. It’s funny how we sort of grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and now they’re all going to come back in the form of our favorite video games.

Even better, the shows are going to be on Netflix so we can binge them instead of having to wake up early on Saturdays! I wonder how the Cuphead show will portray the plot of the game. Having boss rush gameplay, I imagine the show will be more action-orientated with, perhaps, a boss fight at the end of each episode. With that said, there’s not much room for many story elements in the game except for the basic plot. Will the show expand on the plot at all or stick mainly to action?

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s a good point. I imagine it’ll have the same plot as the game with a lot of action and such. Depending on how popular it turns out to be, I’m sure they’ll expand on it. Then again, most of those older cartoons like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. were only a season or two long. I wonder if Cuphead will follow suit or if it’ll blow everything else out of the water.

I would love an expanded Legend of Zelda cartoon series, just saying, as charming and amusing as the old series was. The thing with expanding a plot like Cuphead, which doesn’t have a very deep one to begin with, is that the show could be stretched too thin. I imagine that the first season of the show would be Cuphead and Mugman, presumably, beating the Devil at his own deal, but they’d be grasping for straws if they went beyond it. We’ll just have to keep an eye out for more news of the show and see what happens.

Have you heard the news? Is this a show you’ll watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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