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The Golden Deer are my children. I will admit that I have yet to try out game files with the other houses since I am so invested in the Golden Deer and their stories. However, I love exploring the monastery during free days to talk to everyone, regardless of house. Excluding the house leaders — because Claude would probably win by a landslide, and I feel I cannot properly invest in Edelgard and Dimitri without playing their routes — here is a list of some of my favorite Three Houses students so far.

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This kid is adorable. Despite him not starting off in my house, I got invested in his background and story due to one of the earlier chapters before the time-skip. He was the first student I invited to join me on a mission and the first I recruited into Golden Deer after figuring out the logistics of it. His gentle and amusing supports with other students, like Marianne and Caspar, were fun to read and listen to, and I’m enjoying his perseverance despite his background.


I just laugh out loud from this kid. His zeal for justice is admirable but the fact that he’s willing to throw down with whoever is in his way or causing trouble amuses the hell out of me. I loved his second support conversation with Hilda, him trying to avoid a fight before deciding, “Nope,” and diving in. That, and he’s a pretty decent unit if you train him enough.


Admittedly, at first I was a touch annoyed at how her attitude was always on the defensive side with everyone “treating her like a child.” However, reading some of her supports with other characters opened her up in ways I was not expecting, and I admire her tenacity for bettering herself with whatever time she has left in the world. She’s also a beast with her magic in battles!


Archers have always been some of my favorite units (hence, Claude and one of the main reasons why I picked Golden Deer) and Ignatz was such a shy deer dear that he soon became one of my favorites. His hobby of art and his friendship with the others in Golden Deer make me feel warm and fuzzy, and I’m proud of how more confident he is after the time-skip. He’s also a kick-ass assassin in my army.

Who are some of your favorite students from Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Let me know in the comments below! If you liked this post, please share it around.

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Three Houses Students

  1. Caspar was one of my faves from my Black Eagles playthrough. I like how he grows up and realizes the error in his ways to become a more grounded person. I recruited Lysithea on the Black Eagles and thought she was good too. Just getting my Blue Lions playthrough going now and I’ve got lots of time to learn about Ashe.

    Ignatz though…he’s got a lot of work to do to impress me on and off the battlefield. I’m only as far as what’s been shown on stream, but I find him to be a liability on the field and I see him as a dork off the field. And I don’t mean it in the “term of endearment way” like you use it. That, or you’ve never used dork as a term of endearment with me lol

    • I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about the other students as I play their houses! Still going through Golden Deer’s story, though. Did you have other faves from the Black Eagles that I should pay special attention to?

      I’ve ALWAYS used dork as a term of endearment with you. 😉 Ignatz is definitely the “nerd” of the Golden Deer house, though, I agree with you on that, but I enjoyed his gentle personality. His story is a little deeper, his ambitions pushed aside for his parents’ well-being, but he got more confident post time-skip. It did take some maneuvering on the battlefield to let him get kills in to help him grow, but he’s one of my best units now as an assassin, with his bow, sword, and reason skills. Who is your favorite Golden Deer character, based on your playthrough so far?

      • In the Black Eagles, Petra and Bernadetta are precious. The former has the purest heart, and the latter grows up a lot while also being an insanely good archer.

        On the Golden Deer, besides the obvious vote for Claude, I’d have to go with Leonie. I enjoy her go-getter personality and I tried really hard to recruit her to the Black Eagles. Didn’t work out this time, but I’ve got room on the Blue Lions!


  2. This is a nice list. I have not played the latest Fire Emblem of the 3 houses released but the screens do look good. Given your description of the students I like the description of Ashe’s spirit and determination.

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