Double Jump is Officially on Hiatus

Remember us?

Hey guys, remember that time when we said Double Jump was going to slow down with only one blog post a week? And you know how that hasn’t happened?


We could list excuse after excuse – 2020 has been horrendous. Our family and friends have been fortunate to not be too affected by the virus and everything else going on in the world. However, things are still plenty messed up.

But we’ll save the excuses for another time and talk about what’s going to happen to Double Jump going forward.

Double Jump is a passion project for both of us. We have ideas about which direction we want to take it. There are various other creative outlets we want Double Jump to take shape in.

Unfortunately, life happenings get in the way and, if we’re to be brutally honest, creativity has diminished these past months.

This isn’t to say we no longer want to do anything with Double Jump. In fact, we’re saying Double Jump is coming back.

The future of Double Jump

We have big plans for Double Jump and are working on them behind the scenes. While we do so, the blog is officially going on hiatus. We didn’t think it was fair to keep you guys hanging all the while staring at a blog post from June.

The blog will be coming back into full swing in January 2021. We wanted to take these next couple of months to give ourselves plenty of time to work on changes, new features, and implement our ideas.

There will be more to come in January 2021 as well, but we’re not saying anything because of spoilers.

In the meantime, we’ll still be around. We occasionally appear on Twitter and Instagram. We also live stream on Twitch.

Join us on Twitch

At this time, we’re only streaming once a week on Friday afternoons (with the occasional extra stream thrown in should we feel like it and find the time to do so), usually around 3 pm EST. So be sure to keep in touch with us there.

We understand that once a week doesn’t sound like much. We also understand being on hiatus for three months seems a bit much as well (especially since we’ve practically been on hiatus for much longer).

So, while you eagerly (yes, eagerly) await for Double Jump’s return and for our streams on Fridays, do be sure to give our friends some love. If you’re not following their blogs and/or Twitch channels, be sure to check them out.

Our friends

In Third Person: Website | Twitch

Adventure Rules: Website | Twitch

Switch to Decaf: Twitch

Gaming Diaries: Website | Twitch

Later Levels: Website | Twitch

The AmbiGamer: Website | Twitch

TWOTALL4UFOOL: Website | Twitch

PlayerTwoStart: Twitch

Nerd Side of Life: Website | Twitch

TriformTrinity: Twitch

(Apologies to anyone we’ve missed… there are a lot of you.)

Thanks for all the support

Yes, it’s been a while and it’s going to be even longer until the website is back into full swing. But we’re excited for these new changes and ideas and we hope you guys are too.

In the meantime, we hope to see you around on Twitch. At the very least, we’ll see you again in January 2021.

Stay safe and healthy,
Kris & Rachel

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