36 Fragments Of Midnight [Game Review]

36 Fragments of Midnight game review
Title: 36 Fragments of Midnight
Developer: Ratalaika Games | Petite Games 
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 
September 14, 2017 (for Switch) 
How we got the game: 
We won a free review code from Miketendo64
This game was cute and engaging. There wasn’t much to it, allowing us to easily just hit the start button and start playing.

It was certainly not at all what I was expecting. But it was charming and we had a lot of fun with it!

36 Fragments of Midnight is a simple game to just pick up and play. As a little square of light, you explore various areas of a large map to retrieve star fragments. With the analog stick, you move left or right and the A button allows you to jump and double jump.

It’s that simple and that hard. As you collect the star fragments, you have to dodge spikes, saw blades, and lasers. Sometimes dodging those things are as simple as just waiting for them to pass by or you have to do a quick double jump as the fragments happen to be right on top of a saw blade.

The map itself consists of several levels, with you hopping up or gentle falling from area to area. Each section of the map contains a star fragment and an obstacle or two in an attempt to prevent you from reaching it. The areas themselves change where they are on the map each time you load the game, providing you with a fresh challenge every time you hit start.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the map to be pretty cool. I wanted so badly to zoom out and look at it overall, but then that would have defeated the purpose. The puzzles were simple and quick, but it was enough to keep up going and playing.

The graphics were probably one of my favorite parts of the game. It was sleek and clean, with your character and the star fragments being the brightest aspects of the game. The background was darkening night, allowing shadows to aid the traps and tricks in providing you with a challenge around the puzzles.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
I found the background to be gorgeous. There was no map at all so you had to use the background as an indication of whether you were near the bottom of the map or near the top. It was snowing or something throughout the game, which added a certain ambiance to the gameplay. Midnight, the square of light, was cute and it was very satisfying watching a beam of light trail after you.

There was more ambient sounds rather than music, which was fitting. The scene appeared to be a wintery evening, with howling winds being a prominent sound that you heard while playing the game. I would have liked to hear more of a tune or other ambient sounds to help round it out, but the winds did help to keep you focused rather than distracted when trying to time your double jumps over a spinning blade.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
There wasn’t much of a story to this game. At least, we don’t know what it is. Still, I’m intrigued. You, Midnight, is trying to retrieve the 36 star fragments that these black spike-ball-looking-demon-things lost. I want to know who they are, why they need the fragments, and… how they lost them in the first place. Then again, I could be overthinking things.

Perhaps that’s also the writers in us, haha! What’s the point of this plot? Who are these characters? Were the black, spikey, fuzzballs even the friends that had lost the star fragments? We had believed they were enemies at first, trying not to touch them if possible. Short and simple, the story was for Midnight to retrieve the star fragments for, I presume, friends. That’s it. The puzzles and controls were engaging enough for us to play the game without a need for a deeper storyline.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
Yes, that’s true. It was a good enough game without a full story. The gameplay, music, and graphics were good enough to keep our attention as we tried to collect all the fragments in one go.

Being a quick game, one that players can beat in less than ten minutes if they wished to, 36 Fragments of Midnight has a little replay value in the fact that it is so quick and easy to pick up. That, and the puzzles and map vary each time you load the game, disallowing you from memorizing all the spots that the star fragments are.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
The puzzles are more or less the same, but they’re in different spots on the map. This is a fun, casual game to play anytime. Not to mention that once you beat the game, you’re going to want to play again to beat your time score.

36 Fragments of Midnight gets…
4 out of 5 lives.

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  1. Fantastic review! I came across your blog on Twitter this morning and I am happy that I did. I really love the format of this review with each of you providing your separate opinion on the game-play and features. This was really well done, kudos!
    -Luna 🙂

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