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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a challenge on the blog. Kris and I have decided to do another challenge for the rest of the summer. Now that Super Mario Maker 2 is out and there are a boat-load of courses, we figured we’d challenge each other to a few – including some homemade courses of our own.

As creative as we are, I feel like Rachel and I tend to play others’ courses more so than make our own. I remember creating just a couple with the original Super Mario Maker game, having never really taken the time to fully explore all of the options the tools gave us. Super Mario Maker 2 has a lot more to offer, so I’m eager to really play around with it. Rachel, you can decide how many courses we should make for each other — two or three should be good, in my opinion — but I believe part of the challenge should include creating each course in a different game style.

I think we should make three each for each other. Creating the levels in a different game style won’t be a bad idea either. Also, we should totally have one auto side-scroller, one-speed run, and one general level. Or at least choose a variety and not have three general levels, you know?

I’m all for variety, although I’m not sure about my abilities to create a speed-run, haha! Maybe a good puzzle, though, or one with lots of twists… We shall see what I come up with. Going along with a variety of levels, perhaps we should try to give them different terrains, like having a level up in the air, one underwater, a dungeon, the plains… Try not to repeat anything.

Rachel Mii Double Jump
That’s fair. I’m not too confident in my skills either. A puzzle would be good if we can think of it, for sure. Having different terrains is also a good idea. Not repeating anything is sort of what I meant with my last statement, you just worded it so much better! We’ll try to make these courses as unique as possible.


We’ll each make the courses under our own Switch profiles so we can’t see each other’s work. We’re aiming to livestream these levels on Friday, August 23rd for everyone to see. We’ll keep you all updated if the stream date happens to change between now and then but, for now, that will be our deadline to get these courses done. Anyone else who wants to share course IDs with us to play that day, just leave a comment here or hit us up on Twitter!

What do you think of this challenge? Feel free to join in and tune it on August 23 to watch us fail at each other’s courses! If you like this post, please share it around.

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