Are Collecting Amiibos Still A Thing?

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Amiibos was something that didn’t appeal to us when they were first released in 2014. While I thought they were pretty cool, I didn’t have any desire to collect them. I knew, once I got one, I’d have to collect them all. However, I don’t actually use them. They’re all still in their original packaging, displayed in our office. Yet, after a while of Amiibos being out in the world, we slowly began to collect them.

The Amiibos are fun little figurines, but we never felt the pull to actually collect them enough to use them. We have a deal that we each get one another an Amiibo during our birthdays and Christmas, just to slowly collect them so they can be displayed. They’re extra surprises during the holidays, but that’s pretty much it. While we still hear about new Amiibos coming out — especially with new Super Smash Bros. fighters — we don’t hear much about people using the Amiibos.

It’s funny because Amiibos used to be all the rage. While Nintendo still releases new figurines when a new game comes out or a new character appears in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, you see people commenting on Twitter about how cool they look, but that’s about it. Do people still buy Amiibos, especially the new ones? I used to see Amiibo collections and displays all the time and now… not so much.

Not only that, but there are very talented artists out there who make (or have made) custom Amiibos. When Amiibos first came out, Nintendo used to talk up their capabilities within games, such as Breath of the Wild gaining new clothes or even Wolf Link to help out the Link through the adventure depending on which Amiibo you used. Animal Crossing New Horizons has Amiibo capabilities, I’ve noticed, but I haven’t heard much about them being used.

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Animal Crossing had Amiibo capabilities in New Leaf and people did use them then. You can basically manipulate which villager you want to arrive at your campsite using the Amiibo. Of course, there isn’t an Amiibo for every villager. You could bring characters from other games to your village such as Medli from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

I believe that’s what New Horizons can do as well, yes? Although doing a bit of research, I see that New Horizons uses Amiibo cards from Happy Home Designer. Did you ever play Happy Home Designer, Rachel? When did Amiibo cards become a thing? Would we still be able to use Amiibo figures for New Horizons? Someone figure this out.

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You asked me too many questions to comprehend anything and I’m not going to re-read what you just wrote. But yes, I did play Happy Home Designer. I “beat” the initial “story.” It was quick and easy though there are plenty more houses for me to decorate. I haven’t gone back to it though. It was fun, but I prefer to play the main Animal Crossing game. The Amiibos cards have always been a thing, I thought. Maybe they did come out around that time but I’m sure Amiibo cards aren’t just for Animal Crossing. Clearly, we’re not that savvy when it comes to Amiibos and maybe we shouldn’t be writing this post.

And the fourth wall has been shattered with a hammer, haha! I think our limited experiences with Amiibos are fine enough for this post. Basically we’re trying to figure out if anyone out there is still interested in these figurines or if Nintendo has already gotten all of their money’s worth from them.

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Nintendo is still making them though and I do think they’re a delight. I don’t know about you, but I do plan on collecting them all someday. I just don’t know how I could justify dropping a boatload of bucks on Amiibo we don’t have all at once. Someday though. I want to have a large coffee table in the middle to the living room and display the figures like the trophies used to be displayed in old Smash Brothers games.

It would be fun to collect as many as we can for display purposes! One day I would like to actually use the Wolf Link Amiibo for Breath of the Wild and try that out. Who knows, maybe if we actually open them one day and use them, we’ll understand their appeal more.

Do you still collect Amiibo? What do you do with them? Let us know about them in the comments below! If you like this post, please share it around.

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  1. I love Amiibos, but alas, the ones that I want the most are so expensive. I did manage to snag all of the Champion Amiibos for Breath of the Wild, but I have never taken them out of their packaging (mostly because I spent over $80 on them all together, and the price just keeps climbing!). I’ve used all of the Smash Bros. Amiibos that I have, though. And when I got BOTW for the switch and discovered what the Amiibos were used for, I went and bought a set of Amiibo cards on Amazon (like $20 for 24 cards) and used them daily in-game, until I lent the game (and the cards) to my sister.
    People are currently foaming at the mouth over the Amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and since the official cards are so hard to get (since they were originally blind box pulls, and Marshall and other popular villagers can go for as much as $50 a card!), people are making their own NFC cards/tokens/stickers/what have you! If you search for “ACNH Amiibo” on etsy, you’ll get a ton of returns. I’ve been tempted to buy a few of my favorites to make them move into my village, and I might end up getting a few for my sister (because she really, REALLY wants Purrl).
    People are still fighting over them (preorders sell out fast!), especially the rarer ones. I bought a lot on discount at Toys R Us right before it closed (where the vast majority of mine came from).

  2. I’m all-in on these babies for their display value as cool Nintendo collectibles, haha. I have all that have been released to date, including the Japan only ones I’ve imported. Life’s short so I might as well enjoy collecting cute NFC figures 🙂

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