Are You a Boy or a Girl?

Double Jump Kris MiiThe title of this post comes from the famous Professor Oak of the Pokemon series, which I’m sure most of you know.
On that note, this post has nothing to do with Pokemon. Rather, it’s going to be about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a certain debate that keeps stirring around it…
Did everyone see E3? I didn’t.
What I did see, however, was all the related posts, tweets, articles, what-have-you about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that will be released with Nintendo’s new NX next year.
(It’s about time, too, Nintendo. How long have we been waiting for this?)
It looks utterly gorgeous, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the open world. Exploration is one of my favorite aspects in a game, so seeing how huge and breathtaking Breath of the Wild looks is so exciting!
One of the major topics about Breath of the Wild that I’ve been seeing around, however, was the idea of playing as a female protagonist. Nintendo nixed that thought rather quickly. I certainly don’t mind still playing as a male Link, but the idea of a female Link or protagonist wouldn’t be something that I opposed.┬áThe reasons as to why Nintendo said, “Nah,” to a female hero, though, were making me scratch my head in confusion.
A┬áreason as to why they weren’t making Link female in Breath of the Wild was because, hey, if they were going to have a female protagonist, it should be Zelda. But if Zelda was the main character, then Link apparently had nothing to do.
Um, why can’t Link be on his own quest? Why can’t he be the partner character? Why does he need to do something other than chill out and take a break?
What does Zelda do while Link’s adventuring, anyway? She almost always has her own agenda going on while Link is collecting medallions, spirit tears, and ancient tablets, and it wouldn’t be too far-fetched of an idea of Link to be completing his own half of whatever quest is needed in order to protect the Triforce once again.
I also don’t see the problem with just having a female Link. They have the design from Hyrule Warriors in the character Linkle, and I think it would be pretty cool to have a pair of ladies kick ass in order to protect Hyrule. The core characters that hold the pieces of the Triforce are, essentially, reincarnations of the same spirits being reborn through the ages. Statistically speaking, there’s bound to be a female Link at some point. For even more gender equality, I’m cool with a female Ganondorf and male Zelda too! It’s not as if Courage and Power are strictly for males and Wisdom is for women, right?
What do you think? Having a female Link star in a Legend of Zelda game may not be a necessity for the series, but I wouldn’t oppose it if Nintendo decided to make that interesting twist.

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  1. Great article! I remember reading something recently about Miyamoto having considered Sheik to star in a game. As for the issue of Link being female, I would like to have playable female leads in Zelda games. That said, I don’t think Link necessarily has to be a game. This started a while ago, and it’s probably confusing Aonuma and the rest of the development team because Link possibly being female was never really called into question until recent times. I don’t think Link needs to be a girl, but it would be nice if Zelda were playable, or even Sheik. If we’re going for a female Link, I would actually prefer Linkle, who has a separate awesome bubbly personality altogether. I don’t know if my thoughts are controversial or not, but I’d be fine if Link were just Link, and other female characters came to the forefront as different heroines.

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